Summary: This sermon builds a case against the myth of "personal" morality, showing our moral responsibility.

20000813a - Why Personal Morality Isn’t (Ephesians 4.17-5.2)

“Private Lives” matter because of the biblical measures of morality.

Isuzu commercial: "The world has boundaries. Ignore them."

* Outback Steakhouse: "No rules. Just right."

* NFL video game: "No refs, no rules, no mercy."

* Comedy Central: "See comedy that breaks rules."

* The English Patient, "In love there are no boundaries."

* One band, "The rules are for breaking." (fist, but private?)

Wrong. How we live even privately DOES matter. It starts with us.

Whether recreational drugs, what we read or watch, …

NOTHING is a “private decision.” (personal) WHY??? …Measures:

Instead of just “what” words, look for reasons.


I belong to God. (.23 - created to be like God)

Absolutely everything about me matters to God who created me to be his! The things that are not known by any other human being are neither hidden or inconsequential to God.

We do/don’t. (Petersons) Php4.8 - OnlyGod:moral/immoral.

Because you belong to God.


I’m part of a faith community. (.25 - accountable to others)

Other lives ARE entangled with yours! No man is an island. That’s biblical. Reason for some harsh punishment of Israel.

Reflect the whole. (Body) It’s corporate morality! Prophets!

WHY You Are

I’m here to serve. (.28 - vs. futility-useful aim,goal, neutrality)

Not to just mind own business; we have purpose and calling.

Like a soldier’s rights are limited by their objective, so

Lighthouse Keeper>oil. (Self-indulgence isn’t amoral!)

BE the moral change-agent you’re called to be!

WHAT You Are

I influence. (.29 - I can’t not influence others) parents

I am responsible for any influence I may have on others. Something Pres C,other celebrities have not owned up to. You may not try to influence, but you will. What do, speaks.

Environment: restricts rights to protect ecology, moral ecol.

WHEN You Are

I represent God here, now. (5.1 - Be imitators..) eschat.

Mohammed Ali’s daughter not wanting to tarnish the name..

Jesus: “but I say…” (Mt. 5)


To the redeemed … live as C/L

On change: like dirty dishes, dried.. (longer/harder) MUST

Borneo fly DDT gecko,cat,rat - unforeseen chain reaction..

Moral environment at least as fragile - matters of “personal” morality are never private .. its not only rule but fact of life.

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