Summary: Seven speculations as to why the woman of Samaria left behind her water pot. Each thought a powerful sermon in and of itself.

Text: John 4:1-29

Title: “Why she left the water pot?”

Introduction: Have you ever wondered why the Samaritan woman left her water pot behind? Although, the seven reasons that I will share with you are mere speculation, each one is embedded in a Scriptural valid truth.

1. She was made to feel ashamed of it.

When the disciples returned from their trip into town to buy dinner, they noticed that Jesus was talking to this “woman of Samaria.” No one said a thing.

I wonder how many visitors leave our Churches in fear. They do not use their water pot (gifts) in our Church because they are made to feel inferior to us. They are never made to feel welcome in our presence. They leave their water pots behind.

2. She no longer needed it.

Christ had promised to give her water that would never make her thirst again. Her water pot could not be used for this purpose. It was no longer needed.

When a person comes to Christ, they no longer need the things that they once thought were essential to them in life. It is amazing to learn what we can do without, once we come to know Christ.

3. She forgot it.

When the Samaritan women left, she had only one thing on her mind, Christ!

When we come into a relationship with Christ, "the things of this world will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace."

4. She was in a hurry.

Every Christian has been given a great commission. Although no one seems to have had much compassion for this Samaritan woman before she came to Christ, in that she had come to the well all alone. She had great compassion for others. She returned to her hometown. She felt compelled to tell everyone in the City that she had come to know Christ. She invited them to come to him know him as well.

We need to be willing to lay aside the things in our lives that would weigh us down in our "race" to win others to Christ. Are you willing to lay aside your “water pot” in order to better evangelize your world?

5. Perhaps the Lord needed it.

Remember the woman had noted that Christ had nothing with which to draw water with.

Are you willing to give your water pot to Christ? Have you made the things that God has blessed you with available to Him for use in the ministry?

6. She knew she would be back.

The water pot would be in safe hands. She had committed her water pot to Christ. He would not let it be taken. She knew that she could return and find Christ still there protecting her water pot.

Have you committed your life to Christ. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will abide faithful.

7. She wanted the Lord to fill it.

Christ had promised her “living water.”

We need to leave our empty water pots on the altar of prayer. Only God can fill us. Do you lack supply of this “living water?” Are you willing to wait for the infilling of the Spirit of God before you begin your days journey?

Keep this in mind, before you can ask God to fill your life with the power of his Spirit, we need to become empty of self and of sin. God can only fill empty water pots. He will only put new wine into vessels newly dedicated unto Him. We need to let Him make of us vessels worthy of his honor.


"Fill my cup, Lord, fill it up and make me whole!"

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