Summary: I should go to church to give something, to get something and to gather something.

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May 27, 2007 Jay Davis Robison ROMANS 1:8-13

Man wrote letter to Ed. complained it made no sense to go to church

"I’ve gone for 30 yrs now in that time I have heard 3,000 sermons.

But for the life of me, I can’t remember a single one of them.

Think I’m wasting my time & pastors wasting theirs by preaching.

Forceful argument but then letter in response

I’ve been married 30 yrs. My wife has cooked 32,000 meals.

But for the life of me, I cannot recall entire menu for a single meal

But I know this They all nourished me & gave me strength for life

Sometimes people think have to go instead of get to go to church

Just so you know now with summer here tell you

10 Reasons Why I’ll Never Wash

1. I was forced to wash as a child.

2. People who wash are hypocrites--think they’re cleaner than others.

3. There are so many kinds of soap, could never decide which right.

4. I used to wash, but it got boring.

5. I wash only on Christmas or Easter.

6. None of my friends wash.

7. I’ll start washing when I’m older.

8. I really don’t have time to wash

9. The bathroom isn’t warm enough to wash.

10. People who make soap are only after your money.

Church excuses too Paul had never been to church at Rome,

But he prayed fervently that God would allow him to go.

Interesting to see why he wanted to go

3 reasons you and I should bother to go to church


First and foremost Paul wanted to visit church at Rome to give

I want to see you and share with you the same blessings that God’s

Spirit has given me. Then you will grow stronger in your faith.

Vs 11 CEV

Paul wanted to give something to the church blessings see it?

What are some of the blessings you have to share?

SPIRITUAL GIFTS, from God PASSION, burning in your heart

ABILITIES, Vs 9 Serve God with all my heart

$$, takes money to run our church

EXPERIENCES what you have been through others may face

Add PRAYER vs 9 Never stop praying for you, PRAY for TBC

Note Paul’s attitude toward church was first to GIVE

I wonder what difference it would make if came to church

1st of all to give, not what will the preacher say to uplift me?

Or why should I give I don’t have $$ or time or ability

What would happen if came to church to give 1st of all

Give $$ or a smile, or of my time,

Shared before worth repeating This Is My Church

It is composed of people just like me. It will be friendly if I am.

It will do a great work if I work.

It will make generous gifts to many causes if I am generous.

It will bring others into its fellowship if I bring them.

Its seats will be filled if I fill them. It will be a church of loyalty & love, of faith & service. If I who make it what it is am filled w\these

Therefore, with God’s help, I dedicate myself to the task of being

All these things I want my Church to be. Anonymous

If you come to church to put something into it

You will rarely if ever go away disappointed.

Because you will receive so much more

We each have something to Give at church


Interesting that Paul also says come to church to Get something

As a leader, used to helping others, have to humble self to receive

Barclay points out Paul as willing to receive as was to give.

Though Paul was greatest thinker Early Church produced, yet when he thought of people to whom he longed to preach, he thought of himself not only as giving to them but also receiving from them.

It takes humility to teach as it takes humility to learn.”

Roman church They had a REPUTATION

Benjamin Franklin “Glass, china, & reputation are easily cracked

& never well mended.”

Vs 8 NKJV First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all,

that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world

Paul says Romans Had reputation for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Their faith being spoken about all over world w\no mass media.

What is our church’s reputation? What is your reputation?


As we come together, Christian fellowship not a one way street

Studies show geese fly w\51% less effort & get 73% more distance

by forming a "V" and flying together rather than by flying solo. Each goose gives strength to formation & receives benefits back.

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