Summary: Those that think they areon their way to heaven, but are not.


Numbers 14:26-30

Many times in life - people have set goals that they would like to achieve – but for some un-forseen reason - be it comes through you - or some other source - these goals become a distant dream.

We have our eyes on the prize – but can’t put our hands on the posession

Down through the years many sort things in life – that only there children reaped

In the times of slavery – there was a dream on freedom – but many never saw it

There were dreams to one time possess the very land these labored

Many set out to go place in life – but found themselves falling short

My brothers and sisters – These got close – but they didn’t get in

As I have observed people – I’ve found people allow many things to cause them to miss the mark.

Because of this many that think they are on there way to heaven will find themselves falling short.

1. Because of UNBELIEF – many may get close – but they won’t get in

2. By becoming engulfed in PROBLEMS – that you lose faith in Jesus – Many may get close – but they won’t get in

3. Some will allow PEOPLE – to cause them to go to hell –

listening to what other people say – when it is not the truth

allowing people to lead them in the wrong direction

those that allow people to cause them to live on a shaky foundation

These may get close – but they won’t get in


Those that hold on to things that cause them not to know Jesus

Those that will not give up things of the pass

Those that think that the whole world is against you – thinking that you are the only one having problems

I stopped by to warn you that passions are temporary – And that Jesus is eternal

Those that insist on holding on their passions – these will get close – but they won’t get in

5. FAILURE TO LOVE ON ANOTHER – you may get close – but you won’t get in

God can allow you to survive wars - even make it through famines of life – only to find that you have gotten close – but won’t get in . . . .

Look at the nation Israel – Followed pagan practices that lead to depraved and corrupt moral conduct inter-relating these practices as a part of their worship.

Israel to live as religious community – in which each person was to care for others

This was the first example of the living church – as God Jehovah as their champion.

(Is God your champion)

But just as the church in the wilderness practiced exploitation – today the church behind the still practice this same exploitation. ---- What is the church guilty of ????

1. Disobedience to the Word of God

2. Disobedient to the spiritual leader

3. Not helping the helpless

4. Casting aside strangers

5. Forsaking the widows

6. Neglecting the orphans

In the Mosiac Law (Deut. 24) God introduces the first welfare system as the church as the social worker.

God promised to provide a land for the Israelites in which they could settle in obedience to the covenant law as a Holy Nation – witnessing the existence and power of God to other nations. . . .

But because of disobedience – they were close to the promise land – but did not get in. . . .

God promised the church - -that He was going to prepare a place – where the wicked would cease from troubling and the weary would be at rest – A land of many mansions - where all things shall become new — A place where His people can live as a Holy Nation – but because of disobedience – many will get close – but they won’t get in. . . . . .

Through out their history – God’s covenant people were meant to be an example of spirituality to the world. Their goal was not to be political activist – or to indulge in territorial conquest — But to allow God to lead them to victory and assurance. . . .

As a church – again God set in order to be spiritual example to the world — but instead of being the church in the world – Religious people have brought the world into the church — making it political arena and a place where those that have sur-press those that have not. . . .. Killing the hearts of the meek and the humble. . . .

These may get close – but they won’t get in

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