Summary: STUDY is an INDIVIDUAL matter for every believer, for our OWN GOOD (like our own children): That we may be APPROVED of God That we may be workman that NEED NOT be ashamed And that we may learn to RIGHTLY DIVIDE the word of truth.

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2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Masama ba magaral?

Bakit tayo nagaaral?

Bakit pinagaral natin ang mga anak natin?

Pwede ba tayo magaral kahit may idad na tayo?

The BIBLE has the answers.

2Ti 2:15 tells us WHY we should study, but first, may konting BACKGROUND para alam natin ang context ‘to.

LAST WORDS to Timothy, his SON in the faith (1:2) before being BEHEADED

What would you say? Important words, diba?

Paul REMINDED Timothy of many things:

• To get excited and use his spiritual gift (1:6)

• Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel (1:8)

• The work of Jesus Christ to destroy death (1:10)

• Hold fast to good doctrine, teaching, and Scripture (1:13)

• Be strong in the Lord, when people fail you (1:15, 2:1)

• To teach others, faithful men, who will teach others too (2:2)

• Endure hardships (2:3)

• Don’t get too attached to this world (2:4)

• The Gospel (2:8)

• The Word of God is not bound (2:9)

• The faithfulness of God (2:11-13)

And in (2:14), to remind the brethren of all of these things, and NOT to waste their time talking about useless things:

Things which actually damage the faith of brethren

Ano kaya ang mga usapang sila na walang kabuluhan?

The BIBLE tells us:

Profane and vain babblings (2:16)

Maari tulad ng : mga dirty jokes

Oppositions of false science (1Ti 6:20)

Maari tulad ng : evolution

Fairy tales, myths, commandments of men (Tit 1:14)

Maari tulad ng : “wansapanatym”

Maari tulad ng : mga utos ng mga tao na ay dapat mong sign of the cross bago biyahe o may mangyayari sayo

Endless geneologies (1Ti 1:4)

Ang mga Hudyo ay nawala ang kanilang mga record noon araw, dahil si Herod destroyed them …

Old wives fables (1Ti 4:7)

Maari tulad ng mga sinasabi ng mga lola …

Foolish and unlearned questions (2Ti 2:23)

Maari tulad ng : areas where the Bible is silent : bakit kelangan malaman, kung silent ng Bible?

Tulad ng : infant death

Tulad ng : ano ang infirmity ni Pablo

Tulad ng : kung gaano kahaba ng buhok ni Hesus

Tulad ng :

These things do NOT HELP our faith, but lead us into UNGODLINESS (2:16)

They eat away at us like a CANKER (2:17)

Caused Hymaneaus and Philetus to err from the faith (2:17)

Then they were teaching OTHERS (2:18)

Like cancer among brethren

At, ito pa: Paul spent a lot of time in his travels refuting ERRORS, BAD DOCTRINE, and FALSE TEACHING.

Col 2:8 – Beware lest any man spoil you with vain philosophy

Ep 4:14 – Be not as children being tossed by the winds of doctrine

1Ti 4:1 – Many shall fall away giving heed to false doctrines

Ac 20:29-30 – Deceiving people to follow them

Ph 3:2 – Evil workers who deceive others into a false Gospel

Rev – People adding to or taking away from Scripture (it is commonly reported that seminary professors in the U.S. correct the Bible)

Brethren, what shall we do?! How can we protect ourselves!?

The BIBLE tells us:

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I would like to briefly look closer at this verse this morning. WHY study? It’s written in the verse:

To be APPROVED of God

To NOT be ashamed

To RIGHTLY DIVIDE the Word of Truth

Let’s look at each:

Study means LABOR. Why labor in the Word?

1. To “show thyself approved unto God.”

A. Notice the word THYSELF. Who is supposed to study? (Cult leaders, text messages)

B. We are to study so that we may be APPROVED of God.

1. The parable of the TALENTS in Matthew 25: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” (Approval) Would you like to hear that?

2. VERSES 20-21 tell us about vessels of HONOR (ikapapuri : ginto at pilak) and EARTHEN (ikakasiriang-puri : lupa at kahoy) vessels used of God: meron sa malaking bahay na mga baso’t plato na ikapapuri at meron na ikakasirang-puri

Pag may BISITA tayo …

3. If we want to be USED of God in a greater way, we need to PURGE ourselves of our fleshly behaviors and attitudes. How? Psalm 119:9 tells us, by taking heed to the word of God.

C. Bukod pa ito. Who PLEASES GOD? Jesus Christ (Mt 3:18). So, our first job is to become more like Christ (Ro 8:29). God wants to conform us to the image of His Son, because only Jesus Christ is APPROVED of the Father.

The Bible tells us to Let he word of Christ dwell in us richly (Co 3:6); and to Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus (Ph 2:5). But how can that happen if we do not STUDY?

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