Summary: It seems like we are always in a storm. Everyone is going through a hard time? After meditating on today’s text, the Lord laid upon my heart the following five reasons for the storm:

Title: “Why the storm?”

Introduction: Last week was our Daily Vacation Bible School for the children. Every day I told the children a bible story about some ship on the water that went through the storm. Jonah was in a storm on day one. A storm came up when Jesus was sleeping in the back of the ship on day two. And on day three, Jesus came walking upon the water when the disciples were in the ship during another storm at sea.

It seems like we are always in a storm. Even the small children at Bible School have to face the storms of life. Why does God allow that storms should come our way? After meditating on today’s text, the Lord laid upon my heart the following five reasons for the storm:

1. That we might be drawn to him.

After realizing that they could not make it to shore without the help of Christ, the disciples decided that it was time to awaken Christ from his sleep. The storm had caused them to see their own weakness and their great need for the Savior. The storms of life bring us to our knees. That is exactly where God wants us to be. God wants for us to depend on him.

2. That we might know the strength of his power.

Both Jonah and Jesus were asleep in the hinder parts of the ship. When Jonah was awakened to pray, Jonah had been fleeing from the will of God. His response was that life was not worth living, “Throw me over, I’m done for!”

When Jesus was awakened from his sleep, he was directly in the will of God. He stood on the ship and said, “Peace be still,” and there was a great calm. It makes a difference if you know the Father and you are in the will of God for your life! God wants to help you through your storm!

3. That we might be in the center of his will.

The storm did not cause Jesus and his disciples to go off course. God used the storm to bring them exactly to God’s desired place, off the rocky coast of the Gaderenes where a demoniac would come to the saving knowledge of Christ. God was the rudder of the ship. God has a plan!

If the disciples had been left in charge of the ship, I am sure that they would sailed the ship to a comfortable harbor. So God took over. He caused the winds to blow the ship so that the ship might be in the “center of his will!”

4. That we might be thankful for all things.

When the storm has passed by, you reevaluate what remains. You are thankful for life, just to be alive!

5. That we might lay hold on that which is eternal.

The soul of a demon possessed man awaited them!

The storm may last the night, but one soul will last for eternity!

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