Summary: God can and often heals, but not all are healed. Indeed healing is just delaying the ultimate healing.

II Chronicles 7:14

Proposition: You must allow God to be GOD! (Let Him be all that He can be!)

I. Because of our sin.

A. John 5:1-3, 14 Impotent man. Acts 5 Ananias & Sapphira

B. II Chron. 21: 9-20 Jehoram 18,19 (Idolatry - bowels fell out) Isa 1

David's son II Sam 12: 14-15

II. Because God desires to glorify Himself.

A. John 9:1-3 Man born blind. II Cor 7-10 Paul

B. John 11:1-4 Lazarus Job 1-42

III. Because we refuse to seek God.

A. II Chron. 16:12 Asa should have known better than to

trust doctors only. In the same passage

(Verse 8) the Lord delivered him in war.

(Also Mark 5:26)

B. II Kings 1:2-18 Ahaziah sought false gods. Today we have

Psychology and other gods of Humanism.

(2Tim 1:7; Isa 26:3)

IV. Because we disobey natural laws.

A. Deut. 23:12-14 Sanitation

B. Gen 1:29 Dietary (Preservatives instead of natural, no

fasting) Our desire to escape the

hardships of the curse have cursed us

worse with disease from our products

and physical failure from lack of work.

V. Because we are faithless.

A. James 5:14,15 Did not work? I John 5:16 (sin unto death)

B. Isa. 38: 1-8 Hezekiah (used miracle or medicine?)

VI. Because it is time to die.

A. II Kings 13:14 Elisha (sickness of which he died)

B. Reflections on Isa. 38: 1-8 vs. I Kings 14:1-13

Had Hezekiah died, the nation of Israel would have been

spared its most wicked king. In other words, one death would

have spared the many much evil.

The son of Jeroboam was allowed to die because God saw some

GOOD in him. Therefore his death spared him, from suffering the

evil of the many.

How much evil have we endured because God answered

someone's prayer to allow a man to live? How much good did we

miss because someone did not pray? How much have the person, or we

been spared because God did not answer the prayer? The point is

to pray and trust Him for the answer.

We should thank Him and praise Him for His omniscience and

not demand anything from Him but His wisdom, love and righteousness even if

it hurts us!

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