Summary: Our purpose in this series is to reacquaint ourselves with the fundamentals of our faith.

Why We Believe What We Believe About the Bible

Why We Believe What We Believe Series

Gages Lake Bible Church

October 18th, 2009

Pastor Daniel Darling

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Series Note: This is the 2nd in a series of messages we’re calling “Why We Believe What We Believe.”

The purpose of this message is to reacquaint us with the fundamentals of our faith. For some of us this is an important review. For others who are new to our church, you’re finding out exactly where we stand so you can make an informed choice about your attendance and involvement.

I do recommend that if you were not here two weeks ago for my message, “Why Doctrine is Important”, to please go to our Resource Center in the lobby and get it.

Today we share a message entitled, “Why We Believe What We Believe – About the Bible.”

Bible is Our Middle Name:

Today you find a lot of creative ways to name churches. It used to be that churches were named by their denomination. You had 1st Baptist. You had 4th Presbyterian. You had Messiah Lutheran.

Today church names are a bit more creative I would say. You see “The Rock Church,” or “Journey Church’ or other names. A pastor friend of mine just went through a church re-naming, from Baptist to another more 21st century name.

Part of me likes this trend, because sometimes a name reflects a denomination and that might keep people from attending church. And the truth is that there is nowhere in the Bible that says what and how to name your church.

One of the things that drew me to Gages Lake Bible Church was the name itself. In fact, I think we have the best of both worlds. We’re neither tied to a denomination nor are we so creative as to be misleading.

What I really like though, is that Bible is our middle name. People ask me all of the time, “So what does your church believe.” And instead of giving them a list of 17 beliefs, I simply say this.

We believe the Bible, we open the Bible, we study the Bible. Bible is our middle name.

That’s why, when you read our statement of faith, whether you read the full one we just read that is in our original constitution, or you read the IFCA one in the booklet we have encouraged you pick up on the literature table, or you read the short statement on the one-page Statement of Faith—this is why our statement of belief on the Bible is the first thing you read about Gages Lake Bible Church.

We believe that what we believe about the Bible is the most important thing we have as a church.

Certainty in an Age of Uncertainty

As I was working on this message, I was listening to my radio station online. For those of you who don’t know, there is this wonderful place online called Pandora.

Pandora allows you to create a radio station based on your own preferences. You type in your genre, your favorite songs and artists and it plays what you like.

As I played that station, it struck me that Pandora is perfect creation of our age. We live in an age of choice.

If you don’t like the news, you can change the channel or go online.

If you don’t like the music, you can create your own station.

If you don’t like the food, you can go down the street.

Experts say that growing businesses are the ones who allow customers to customize based on their unique preferences.

And this, today, is how people are approaching religion. They are cutting and pasting and creating experiences based on their preferences.

There is no objective truth. There is no standard. It’s all based on how you feel or what you prefer.

And yet here at Gages Lake Bible Church, we dare to swim against the tide and say, “God has spoken.” “Thus saith the Lord.”

In other words, our church isn’t based on preferences or personal choices, but on the written words of God.

What is That Bible You Hold In Your Hand?

So, today we want to answer the question. What is that Bible you hold in your hand?

The Bible is the bestselling book of all time and it’s not even close. Over six billion copies have been printed, sold or distributed in 2200 languages. It’s not only the bestselling religious book of any and every category.

But we don’t believe the Bible or base our church upon the Bible because it’s a bestselling book. Because there have been many false, destructive, and harmful books that have been bestsellers.

No, we believe there is something more about the Bible. In fact, let me read from our shorter statement of faith:

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