Summary: The baptism in the power to witness. It is the divine ability to impact several witnessing areas of our lives.

Jesus is passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God grow.The power to make this happen is not found in human effort but Spirit effort(Acts 1:8). The baptism in the Holy spirit is power to witness. It is the ability to witness in several ways.

1. It is the power to serve.(Acts 1:8)

"But you will be my witnesses..."

a. It is power to serve God anywhere.

" in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria,and

to the ends of the earth."(v8)

2. It is the power to speak.(Acts 1:2)

"after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit

to the apostles he had chosen"(v2)

a. People do not naturally follow spiritual

instruction.There are several reasons why.

1. Hardness of heart(Matthew 13:14-15)

2. Fear of what others may say or do.(Matthew 13:21)

3. The desire for other things.(Matthew 13:22)

3. It is the power to suffer.(Acts 1:3;8)

"After his suffering.."(v3)

a. The word "witness"(v8) is the Greek word "Martys"

from which we get the english word "martyr".

b. The book of Acts records the suffering of believers

1.They were threathened(Acts 4:21;9:1;13:45;21:27)

2.They were beaten(Acts 5:40;14:19;16:23)

3.They were imprisoned(Acts 5:19;8:3;12:4;16:24)

4.They were murdered(Acts 7:54-60;12:2)

4. It is the power to convince the skeptic(Acts 1:3)

"and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive"

a. We are living in a day of great skepticism.

b. People what proof that Jesus is alive.

c. It takes more to convince this generation than

the previous one.

d. One of the greatest proof is a spirit-filled


5. It is the power to stay focused(Acts 1:9-11)

a. We need to walk by faith not by sight(v9)

"..and a cloud hid him from their eyes"

b. We need to be stedfast in our devotion(v10)

"They were looking intently up into the sky"

c. We need to be about the lord’s work(v11)

"Men of Galilee," they said,"why do you stand here

looking into the sky?"

d. We need to be ready for his return.(v11)

" This same Jesus who has been taken from you

into heaven, will come back in the same way you

have seen him go into heaven"

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