Summary: What Christmas is all about!


* Some Christians are touchy, sensitive, and full of objections about Christmas.

A) To you I say (in the Words of Scripture), if you regard the day, regard it unto the Lord!

* If you do not regard the day, then be sure you are Christian about it!

* Do not judge or criticize others for an honest, worshipful, loving & giving attitude about the

Christmas holidays!

B) In this message I want to answer some of the objections raised by those who oppose the

observance of Christmas. * Note five or six things.


A) Every Leap Year People Are Born On Feb. 29.

* Does this mean they should only celebrate their birthday every four years?

* Would you tell your little child she can’t have a birthday this year because she was born on the

last day of Feb. in a leap year?

* Is it wrong to celebrate her birthday any day except the exact day (Feb 29) which only comes

once every four years? * I’m sure that all would agree that the exact date is not so important!

* The important thing is, another year has passed & she is another year older!

* She deserves to be recognized just like the other children!

B) What About Thanksgiving? * The last Thursday in Nov. is not the only day we get blessings

from God, is it? * Since we get blessings all through the year,

* Is it wrong to set aside a whole day to celebrate the Lord’s blessings?

* The important thing is not which day we set aside on the calendar!

* The important thing is, the reason for setting aside the day!

C) We Don’t Know The Exact Date Of Christ’s Birth! * The Bible doesn’t tell us the date on

which Christ was born! * There are no trustworthy sources!

* It could possibly be Dec. 25, in spite of the arguments to the contrary!

* Most of the arguments against Dec. 25 are based on normal weather conditions for that time

of the year, but no one knows what the weather was like the year Christ was born.

D) Christians Should Not Waste The Opportunities Of This Date!

* Christmas is an accepted time to speak for Christ! * It is an accepted time to portray pictures

depicting the birth of Christ in a manger! * What other time can you do this?

* We teach about the virgin birth, the baby in the manger, the angels singing, the shepherds

coming to worship, the wise men bearing gifts from afar!

* We should continue to use Christmas to teach the Gospel!


A) Some Say We Should Not Use The Word Christmas Because It Is Roman Catholic And

It Refers To A Mass. * So is the word "saint." Are we not suppose to use that word .......?

* So is the name "Mary." * Are we not to refer to Jesus’ mother because it’s a Catholic name?

B) This Line Of Reasoning Came From The Seventh Day Adventists!

* They also look down on us for worshipping on Sundays. * They say that Sunday was named

after the god of the sun. * But they worship on Saturday.

* I guess they don’t realize Saturday is named after Saturn! * None of us have reference to

the sun when we talk about Sunday! * I’ll guarantee that your pastor doesn’t!

* Nor do we come to church to worship the sun, we worship the SON!

C) Some Make An Artificial Distinction About Christmas!

* It is foolish to make an artificial distinction about Christmas when none exists in the minds of

those who do observe the holiday! * What do you mean preacher?

* All of my life as I was growing up, we celebrated Christmas without even knowing what a

Roman Catholic was! * We didn’t have any Roman Catholics where I grew up!

* We were all FWB, Baptists, Church of God, Pentecostals, and Methodists.

* All I knew was, this was Christ’s birthday and we got a bunch of gifts because of Him!

* Christmas was always a time to celebrate the birth of Christ!

* It had nothing to do with any Roman Catholic mass!


A) There Was A Pagan Feast Day On This Date. * It was called the Mithraic Feast Day.

* It was to celebrate the victory of some Pagan god, & was held widely through-out the

Roman Empire.

* Christmas was probably celebrated on this date to keep young converts from going back into

Paganism on this date. * This is like Hallelujah Night instead of Halloween.

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