Summary: A biblical and motivational sermon,highlighting why people wept in the scripture and how heaven wiped away their tears.

John 20:11-15

Mary was weeping and hopeless, but Jesus came into the scene. I’m the one you are looking for, why are you weeping?

This year, you will see what you are looking for!

Are you looking for a baby? You will dance

Are you looking for job? You will come here with your appointment letter.

Are you looking for husband? You will do thanksgiving.

Are you looking for a wife, not just a lady? Not all ladies are wife material, this year you will find a wife

Are you looking for a way?, this year God will make a way and you will see it.

It’s not strange to cry/weep, but it is strange when your tears are not wiped. Why are you weeping?

# Haggai wept in Gen.21: 16 because her child was dying of thirst in the wilderness.

Forsaken and forgotten child was dying as a result of her personal mistakes. Your child may be your business, health, work, marriage etc.

V17-19 The Lord (not the pastor/uncle) opened her eyes. It’s your turn to see your well.

# Gen 27:38 Esau cried because he lost his birthright through carelessness/covetousness. But that’s not the end.

# 1Sam.1: 9-10 Hannah wept because she was barren.

Why are you weeping, is your life barren?

I’m here as the priest of the most high God, go home, your prayers are answered. God who answered Hannah is around.

# 2Sam 15:30 King David broke the law of royalty and wept because his throne is being stolen.

Is somebody about to displace you and push you out of your husband’s place? God wiped away the tears of David!He will do your own

The supernatural collided with natural; bush began to fight a living man!

IISam 18:9-10

That which is carrying your enemy around and giving him fake confidence will disappoint him!

# 2Kings 8:10-12

The servant of God wept because of a bad revelation of coming suffering. What bad dream are you having, God can overthrow it.

# 2Kings 20:1-3

Hezekiah ruled well yet he was to die. Is premature death looming? Do you have a disease that kills? God added 15yrs to Hezekiah; he will add 51yrs to your own.

# Psalm137:1 Israel wept because they were in bondage. They remembered the way of old when thing were working well.

Why are you weeping?

Can you remember the good old days, when things were working, when you ate and have remnants?

God will turn back your captivity!

# Neh.5: 1-5 The people wept because of debt. In verse 12 their debt was cancelled!

# Rev.5: 3-4 John wept because the book of fulfillment of prophecy could not be opened.

Are you weeping because your book of success appears closed?

Are you weeping because you have no one to help/ assist you?

Now WEEP NOT . Jesus has prevailed. It’s not time to weep; it’s your turn to laugh!

Rev.21: 1-4

Last year is your first heaven/earth

This year is your New Jerusalem – no weeping/crying/no more pain. Former thing are gone.

It’s time to laugh! And all that hear will laugh with you

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