Summary: Sin has many dangerous consequences and we must get it out of our life.

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Mark 5:1-21

There are few that would argue that we need to get sin out of our life.

Most disagreement would come about WHY and HOW.

I want to deal with both of these today.

First… WHY.

Some would say because:

I want to go to heaven

I want my prayers answered

I want to please God

I want to grow in grace

All of those are great reasons

Let me give you some others:

1. Because it poisons the environment of your life.

"There met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit..."

Look at this man's surroundings: alone…death

people feared to come there

He lived in the tombs

tombs were caves

This man could not go to town, had no place to stay so he moved the stone and stayed in the tombs stench decay unsanitary

Not a great environment for a person.

What caused these surroundings to be so terrible?

evil spirits.

This man had probably once dwelt with others, in town, a family once had a job once had a house

But all of that was lost... over time... as these demons possessed him.

As you say yes to sin and the demons of passion and greed, and vice; you start to notice that your surrounding are poisoned





2. Because you cannot control it.

Yes, yes, yes... so many times he had said yes to the demons that now they were in control of his life.

"No man could bind him, even with chains. "

His heart, his desires, his actions, his words were out of control

He could not get control over them

He did things not because he thought they were best, but because he was a slave

Satan is like a strong and well-schooled American gladiator...

they play tug-o-war on pedestals

The American Gladiator is strong and gives a big jerk to get the contest and off-balance

As the contestant nears the edge he lets loose and re-grabs

The Gladiator immediately takes up the slack

Over and over

Soon the contestant is out of rope and ground and is pulled down

Inch by inch he had surrendered control of the rope and the enemy had taken control

Every time we say YES to sin and temptation we are surrendering, grabbing back

The more it happens, the more we lose

Eventually he has control and we are just barely hanging on, on the brink of a fall

This man could not control the sin, the temptation, the passion.

Why? Is sin stronger? NO... NO!!!!!

But, we have surrendered too much to the enemy

He is sitting on his haunches, feet dug in, rope wrapped around his arms, plenty of ground

We are teetering on the edge, holding on by thread, on the balls of feet

It doesn't have to be stronger, it has control.

Every “Yes” is a loss of control, a weakening of your control.

You don't see it that way, you love what you are doing, don't see any reason to resist

it is fun, you enjoy it

But you are losing, surrendering control

Soon the enemy will have you and will deliver the death blow.

3. Because it separates you from God.

Hear just how separated, how alienated from God he was... " What have I to do with thee, Jesus? "

He was saying, "Jesus, I don't want anything to do with you."

That is the way it is for lost people, people who are caught up in their sin... they don't want anything to do with Spiritual things

Ever wonder why we invite lost people to come to church and they don't come

they don't care for spiritual things

They don't care for Jesus

Some don't care for him because they don't need Him,

others don't want to give up things

Most don't care for Jesus because HE MAKES THEM UNCOMFORTABLE.

Just his presence convicts them of sin

Why should they want to come to church and be with Jesus?

They would rather live among the tombs… the sin and bondage… than be convicted.

They want to be around people who make them feel good.

This demoniac was pampered by the BLACK MARKET PIG FARMERS.

They profited from his bondage

Brother, you are in serious trouble when you don't want anything to do with spiritual things… church bible

One of the real dangers of sin is that it separates us from God in this life.

In this world our sin cuts us off from God's help, touch, blessings, peace, power, hope,

strength, victory, guidance, riches, deliverance

We can live in the muck of sin, in the bondage of the world and never know the joy of His freedom and life.

It is such a shame to see people living apart from God, thinking they are the lucky ones, the ones having all the fun, and know the joy they are missing.

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