Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We do have a whole lot of monkeys in our life to give us such preposterous premises that would lead us to destruction! Beware!

Wicked leadership!

Monkey plans!

Romans 16:19”….but I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil.”

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A group of monkeys decided to go on a fast one day. ‘Before we begin, I think we should keep the food ready with which we’ll break the fast,” said the monkey chief. The monkeys nodded their heads in agreement. The youngsters were sent in search of food, they returned with huge bunches of delicious looking bananas. “I think each one of us should keep our share of bananas with us ready before we begin our fast, so that we don’t spend time distributing them after we break our fast, you can imagine how hungry we will all be by then” said the chief. The monkeys liked the idea and they collected their share of the bananas. “Why don’t we peel the bananas and keep it ready to eat?” said the chief, ‘yes, let’s do that’ said all the monkeys. As long as the leader said things that were easy, doable, convenient and comfortable, I’m sure he would have a huge ‘fan club.’ Well, coming back to the monkeys, the chief now said, ‘all right, we shall peel the bananas, but under no condition should we eat them.’ So the monkeys peeled their bananas and carefully kept them ready for eating in the evening. Can we call this evil counseling? By this time, the monkeys tongue started watering and the sumptuous, juicy fruit that was now revealed tantalized them. The chief was the worst hit I guess, he hurriedly said, ‘let us all put the banana in our mouth but not swallow it, this way we can easily chew it immediately after we break the fast.’ The monkeys happily put the bananas in their mouth! In no time, the bananas vanished and the fasting was called off!

We do have a whole lot of monkeys in our life to give us such preposterous premises that would lead us to destruction! Beware!

My conundrum is this; how could Christians, claiming to know a Living God give in to ridiculous ideas and proposals! Be wise please! When someone allures you with false promises and enticing plans, don’t immediately fall for it, fast and pray about it. What I'm endeavoring to highlight is learn to discern between good and bad; or else all the trophies, your academic achievements and accolades are vain. Our greatest weakness is not recognizing the work of Satan in the world – the Bible says he masquerades as a being of light – but that in reality he is a lion seeking whom he may devour. It is easy to fall prey to a preacher or teacher who promises health, wealth, happiness and joy. The only way we will be able to discern the real teachers from those who are false is by disciplining ourselves to the study of His Word. Are you listening?

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