Summary: 3 of 3. Genesis records the wanton wickedness of humanity & its repercussions. Wanton wickedness invites repercussion. But Why or How does it do this? Wickedness invites repercussion thru...


Genesis records the wanton wickedness of humanity & its repercussions.

Repercussion—An unintended consequence occurring some time after an event or action, esp. an unwelcome one.

Wanton wickedness invites repercussion.

How/When does wickedness invite repercussion?

7 dispositions/failures/measures/qualities of wickedness that invite repercussion.

We have seen previously that Wickedness invites Repercussion thru...

1. Aberrant RELATIONSHIPs(:1-2)

2. Aberrant STRIFE(:3)

3. An Aberrant STANCE(:4)

4. An Aberrant CONTINUITY/Persistence(:5)

5—Wickedness invites repercussion thru...

God’s GRIEF(:6)

Explanation: (:6)

:6—“And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, & He was grieved in His heart.”

Our Creator(“YaHoWeH”) was so hurt by man’s overwhelmingly pretentious & pompous self-centered “evil” that He “was sorry” that he had even created man.

Does this mean that God did not know what would happen? & that He lives in the day-to-day tension of what man will do next? That He is ever learning, His decisions being caught up in & bound to His own finite & linear creation? NO!!—He knows all things & knows us intimately—so much so that He knows us better than we know ourselves!

Such an intensity of emotion may be approached & mimicked(experienced/felt) when we become inundated & crushed with frustration when our major work is not only unappreciated, but has become outright contemptible, deplorable, shameful, & disgraceful to the very ones to whom we have given our all.

God has a “heart” that is capable of being “grieved.” For God to be grieved is for Him to experience a horrific loss & experience the willful separation of His creation from Himself. It is the grief we would associate with adultery, except extended to a level of perfection & holiness which is unattainable by man. It is the reason for the existence of hell.

We are indeed, obviously made in God’s image!

God is both changeless & immovable, yet He is indeed moved by compassion for people(the crown of His creation). He does not desire for any to lose their place in heaven. He grieves at our chosen loss of heaven. He has never nor will ever be unfaithful to His perfect & holy nature. This is one of the reasons why we must trust God in relation to heaven & hell.

“Why did He regret it? Because He was going to have to act in holy justice....& that was a grief to God.”.... “He knew what death was going to do repeatedly throughout human history & the pain & sadness & sorrow that it would cause & the judgment that it would bring about.”... “God has no choice. Judgment falls & that is a grief to God.”... “it is precisely because God does not change His mind that He is sad.”... “God was[& is] truly grieved by sin & truly grieved by the immutable & necessary consequences that sinners bring upon themselves. Yes, God is sovereign. Yes, man is responsible. God didn't make him sin. God didn't want him to sin. But God doesn't accept excuses for his sin, nor does He blame his environment. And if he rejects God, then hell is God's only option.”—John MacArthur

“Is man any different today? No, this describes him. He was this way before the flood by virtue of his folly. He was this way after the Flood, he's still this way & as the years & centuries have gone on, he's just become more clever in devising & forming & shaping the intent & the imagination of his heart into evil. God's heart is still grieved. He still is sorry. But He must do what He must do. That's why anybody is a fool who thinks that environmentalists or genetic engineers or social reconstructionists are going to guarantee a future for humanity, it's not going to happen. There is no future for humanity.” ..... “the only escape today is to come to God as the true & living God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom He appointed to be judge & Savior of all who repent.”

*God grieved & now grieves because His witness was basically destroyed. Subsumed & supplanted by man’s worship of himself, his abilities, the angelic, the demonic & every created thing & everybody else!

“Sorry”(See :7)—Mxn naw-kham'—V.—1) To be sorry, console oneself, repent, regret, comfort, be comforted. Strong–a primitive root; properly, To sigh, i.e. breathe strongly; by implication, To be sorry, i.e. (in a favorable sense) To pity, console or (reflexively) rue; or (unfavorably) To avenge (oneself).

“Made”(See :7)—hse aw-saw'—1) To do, fashion, accomplish, make; 2) (Piel) To press, squeeze. Strong—a primitive root; To do or make, in the broadest sense & widest application.

“Grieved”—bue aw-tsab'—1) To hurt, pain, grieve, displease, vex, wrest; 2) To shape, fashion, make, form, stretch into shape, (TWOT) worship. Strong—a primitive root; properly, To carve, i.e. Fabricate or fashion; hence (in a bad sense) To worry, pain or anger.

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