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Summary: Friend, I am not talking about a slowly, flickering, wavering candle light, I am talking about ‘wild fire’ for God! I want someone to catch this fire today!

Wild fire!

Isaiah 64:2 “As when fire sets twigs ablaze and causes water to boil, come down to make your name known to your enemies and cause the nations to quake before you!”

I write this after spending two hours of weeping and praying in His Presence! Right after speaking with Him, I started typing this message! It comes hot with prayer! You can sure feel the heat and see the fumes! Get ready for a parachute experience or can we call it bungee jump? There comes a ‘day’ in our life when you get fiercely determined to stand for God! You get so passionate and geared up that all odds and all insurmountable mountains become possible because now your focus is on Jesus who is on your side!

I happened to watch a 1963 video message of Martin Luther Jr famous speech on ‘I have a dream’; one cannot miss the steely determination in his eyes and the passion for his people and their cause on his face. He was like wild fire! Such emotions are contagious! The entire crowd felt the heat of the leader! The crowd was charged! I want someone to burn like wild fire for God! The heat should be so high that people around you, people who are in touch with you, people who speak with you, speak who interact with you, people who do business with you, people who have trade association with you…. should all catch that fire! Jesus said,’ You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.’ (Mathew 5:14) If anyone has read the mount sermon of Jesus and is not struck like a tornado then it has not permeated inside your heart. You can never, never, never remain immune to the ‘mount sermon’ preached by Jesus found in chapter five of the book of Mathew. Man, every Word is bomb! A decade ago, I read the book of Mathew while I was sick, bedridden and had nothing else to do but it created a ‘wild fire’ in my heart, I repented, wept, sobbed and ‘mount sermon’ was like ‘Niagara Falls of purification’ that cleansed me. Are you making an impact among your friends, relatives and in your neighbor hood? At times people are scared of ‘wild fire’ they don’t want to get near, they are scared and they would avoid; if you are facing this situation then sure God is working through you. It is not all about having a fan club around you or huge group of friends on Facebook; the ones who want to burn along with you for God would surely join, no matter what the price tag may be!

My friend who sat next to my cubicle back while I worked, saw me climb up to the terrace to commune alone with God and read the Bible, in a short while she joined me too. I taught her to fast and read the Bible meticulously. Within a year, we started a monthly prayer meeting at her home. Wild fire spread! Besides my friend, her in-laws and many other members got saved and they obeyed the Lord’s commandment by taking immersion water baptism.

Friend, I am not talking about a slowly, flickering, wavering candle light, I am talking about ‘wild fire’ for God! I want someone to catch this fire today! Let it percolate through this message and spread on whoever reads this message in the name of Jesus! Let spiritual lethargy cease and may someone arise like Elijah in the name of Jesus! After salvation, Hudson Taylor on a particular afternoon decided to spend quite time with God. Moved by the presence of God, he consecrated his life wholly to God. God filled that room so much that Mr. Taylor prostrated on the floor before God. Within a short time, he had a strong impression in his heart that he has to go as a missionary to China. He did go and rocked China for God! He was the founder of ‘China Inland Mission.’

Wild fire does create a commotion and hubbub!

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