Summary: America has lost her way.

Will God Sue America for Divorce?

As I stand behind this Holy Desk this morning, my heart Aches for the USA that I Gave 20 years of my life defending as a member of the Armed Services.

This is a sermon I never thought I would have to preach, but America has lost her way.

The ungodly people whose voices are being heard are trying their best to

Banish God from public life in America.

Recent events:

• The supreme court rules in favor of “Inadvertent” profanity on

The airways.

• All reference to God removed from the top of the Washington Monument.

• This Blessed Christmas season, the major retailers refuse to allow

The term “Christmas” in their stores so they don’t offend non Christians.

• Teens in one state cannot chew Gum in class, but they can get birth control pills from the school nurse.

The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is simply, that America

Has become a Godless Nation and America has lost her way.

I know how Jeremiah must have felt as he tried to warn the masses.

In his commentary on Jeremiah (Bible Knowledge Commentary pg 1113) Charles Dyer wrote in his introduction:

“Jeremiah was the blazing torch who, along with Ezekiel in Babylon, exposed the darkness of Judah’s sin. He was a weeping prophet to a wayward people”.

Our text this morning is found in Jeremiah Chapter three.

Jer 3:1,4,5,8 (NIV)

"If a man divorces his wife and she leaves him and marries another man, should he return to her again? Would not the land be completely defiled? But you have lived as a prostitute with many lovers— would you now return to me?" declares the LORD.... Have you not just called to me: ‘My Father, my friend from my youth, will you always be angry? Will your wrath continue forever?’ This is how you talk, but you do all the evil you can. ... I gave faithless Israel her certificate of divorce and sent her away because of all her adulteries."

Could we not add a caveat this morning that says?

“Because the USA has turned away from God will he not also give her a

Certificate of divorce and send her away because of all her adulteries”?

America has lost it’s way, the American Church has become so much like the world at large the lines are blurred. Programs, Order of Service, “Specials” and the Clock has become more important than the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Morning Praise and Worship has become an entertainment segment of the morning service. Commitment is a word that few Christians understand. Fluffy feel good sermons, Cotton candy theology, and false teaching have invaded the church in America. In the words of one evangelist “Our Churches are preaching little sermonett’s to little Christianett’s”.

Silly arguments over denominational dogmas prevent Christians

From standing together in unity to combat this enemy.

The Presidential Candidates lining up to be our next leader are running to the churches to “put on a show” (Check their Church attendance records for the past 2 years). To many Christians Party affiliation is more important than where the candidate stands on moral issues and basic Christian values.

Hollywood goes out of its way to insult Christians. Yet Christians continue to flock to the Theatre on Sunday afternoon. If Christians

Across America Avoided the theatre for three months Hollywood would feel the pinch where they understand it most; in their wallet.

I recently received an e-mail from a friend. It had an attachment; titled: 27 INDICATIONS THAT WE NEED REVIVAL.

The author is listed as “unknown”. I present it here this morning for the simple reason; it makes sense.

1. When we do not love Him as we once did.

2. When earthly interests and occupations are more important to us than eternal ones.

3. When we would rather watch TV and read secular books and magazines than read the Bible and pray.

4. When we have little or no desire for prayer.

5. When we would rather make money than give money.

6. When our Christianity is joyless and passionless.

7. When we know truth in our heads that we are not practicing in our lives.

8. When we make little effort to witness to the lost.

9. when we have time for sports, recreation, and entertainment, but not for Bible study and prayer.

10. When we do not tremble at the Word of God.

11. When we seldom think thoughts of eternity.

12. When we are more concerned about our jobs and careers than about the Kingdom of Christ and the salvation of the lost.

13.. When Christian husbands and wives are not praying together.

14. When our children are growing up to adopt worldly values, secular

Philosophies and ungodly lifestyles.

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