Summary: We sin and wonder, is it at all possible for me to be saved. Will I make it. Is there hope for me, I meen I am so bad and I cant seem to overcome. what does Jesus think about this?

Main Idea

Let’s take a walk with Jesus and ask Him some questions. Jesus, “How we can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, and what measure will You use to gauge our fitness to inherit your Kingdom, I mean, can we really make it? Do you really want us to be there?

We will discover that Jesus gives very clear guidelines. To Accept Gods message becomes our very first priority and everything else boils down to love and being the least (being the servant of the other). The important thing is to be vigilant and ready devils attracts/Jesus ‘coming Jesus not only made it possible to go the Heaven (John 3:16,17) But He desperately wants us to be there. Jesus has Good thoughts towards us….. Shout, supper, let you sit on his throne just as you would like to do to your kid, show us his love

In Matthew 13: Jesus spent a great amount of time describing the nature of those who will inherit Kingdom of heaven.

Jesus explained: Matt 13:24 The proclamation and the acceptance of the Kingdom message can be compared to the sowing of and germination of seed. The proclaimed message is pure and perfect, just like good seed; (Like seed, The Word contains everything needed to initiate growth) it’s a perfect message. Matt 13:26 And when it enters the heart it starts to grow, it’s a perfect sprout. The message is meant to produce good fruit, 38-43 it changes into the sons of the Kingdom. So, 19 when anyone hears the Word, it penetrates the heart, but some refuse to understand it, Satan comes and snatches it away:

25And if that doesn’t work he waits until our guard is down and then He sends his own disciples to mislead us.

: 26 So, as we produce fruit, we meet wicked friends tempting and opposing us (pure pressure) they are fruitless tares that constricts our growth. 23but if we allow the Word to shape our understanding we will produce much fruit. Luke 22:31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: (σινιάζω) To try ones faith to the verge of overthrow (The first step in process of sifting wheat is to loosen the chaff by spreading the wheat over a floor made from stone, then they beat it to separate the edible wheat from the chaff,. .) Satan’s plan is to divide and to conquer, (rock & hard place)and then he wants to beat you up and kick you out)

Luke 22:32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

:27 Then we ask, Lord, you predestined every person to inherit the Kingdom of God and you gave a good message, so, how is it then that believers become corrupt and immoral and why do they produce bad fruit. : 28 Jesus said, there is a great controversy between Jesus and Satan and you are the target. The devil did this, not me! Then we reason, do you think it best that we separate and destroy the wicked: 29 But Jesus knows best. Should you expose the enemies of the cross and uproot them; being a friend of the World, they would get tied up in a knot and being rooted on the same foundation. (Soil pulls up both) Both would be uprooted. Lose their Salvation, In any case, it is so hard to distinguish between them, you hardly can tell the difference, sometimes. They look so worldly. So, the best solution would be to let them grow together. In the process the true believers will produce good fruits and they will be distinct from the non-believers, (they would have had time to show their true colors) and this is the best time for separation. Anyhow, the Angels will be sent to separate them, not now, and not by you! And when that happens, those who produced fruit will be gathered and taken to heaven, 41 and those refusing His law of love offends Jesus and they will be punished accordingly. : 43 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

47Jesus explained himself to be a fisher of men; He attracts and draws hoards of people when He cast His spiritual net. Producing all kinds of converts; some turn out to be good and some bad.

:31Jesus said, Let me say it like this, Faith in the Word and our growth start of very small. It’s like a mustard seed. When we receive the Gospel message for the first time it affects us in a very small way 44-45 then we discover it to be a very costly gift, buried in a pit of carnality. Like a very costly pearl and we become treasure hunters and seek for it wherever we go, but if we ASK for it we will receive it. It will be like a newly discovered treasure Matt 6:20, 21 where your treasure is, is where your heart is. You will give everything to own it matt 13:33 and once you found it, it permeates the mind and the heart and it effects every part of your soul, and it grows and it grows till your entire life become changed. Matt 6:31-32 By A.S.K. It grows so big that we mature in faith and we draw very close to God We root ourselves firmly in the Word of God and we grow strong branches to reach out and consume Gods glory. We draw so close to God that we reach out to others and we become a shelter in the storm for new born Christians and they can count on us to support them to inherit the Kingdom of heaven. You must allow the Word to grow, just like seed.

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