Summary: Sermon on faith, trusting God and believing God to bring you through every situation.

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Mark 4:35:41``

Would somebody please wake up Jesus?

All of us would agree that the human body requires a certain amounts of sleep. From the early ages of life we are told that the average person needs at least Infants 9-10 plus 3 or more naps, Toddlers 9-10 hours 2-3 naps, and the average Adults 7-8 hours

It had been a wonderful day of teaching and preaching, in fact the worship service had gotten so good that the bible shows how several little ship pulled up along side of the ship that Jesus was in and tied their ship together in a sense of saying wherever you go then that’s where we’re going, its not that often that preachers get that kind of response from the those listening to the sermon, often enough most of us cant wait to get out of here.

But for Jesus the place where he calm’s the sea was a place where many teachers’s of learned knowledge would stand up and usually when they set down those listening were more confused and now knew less about God after hearing the lesson. It was rare when the people would ask and demand for more preaching. But that wasn't the case for Jesus. many times the people would stay so long that the McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, even the local BBQ stand would be closed and many time Jesus himself would instruct the disciples to feed the folk.

Jesus positioned himself in peters boat and said this is it the last sermon for today. And after wards Jesus takes a pillow and lays down for a nap. He lays down because he’s tired, He lays down because he’s worn out, Please understand that Jesus was tired from the long day of preaching, but he’s also tired from the criticism of his haters,

Oh I hear you saying Jesus never got tired but the bible is clear as it tells us that we have not a High priest who cannot be touch without the feeling of our infirmities but was tempted in all points like we are yet without sin, so when I go to God and ask for help there is not pain, no hurt, no brokenness, no loneness, no sickness, no disappointment, no lost that I would explained or define that Jesus wouldn’t understand.

Jesus never told anyone that once you come on board and give your life to him that the journey would become easy, but the truth be told what he did say is that the kingdom of God suffers violence but the violence takeeth by force, but what he did promise that regardless of the journey, regardless of the ride I’ll be with you.

Here we have Jesus on the ship with the disciples and a problem arises, what problem I’m glad you asked? The problem is that thing that is suppose to be on the out side of the ship is now in the ship

The money that’s suppose to be in the bank is now at the mall

The husband that supposes to be in church is now at home

The child that’s suppose to be in college has now dropped out

The job that was suppose to provide an retirement has now closed down

The water is now where it’s not suppose to be, because the boat is now about to go down.

Now just to give you a clear picture of what actually took place on that day I did some research and learned that

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