Summary: Exploring how the church can see God’s power fall upon it

Elijah did some things that allowed the fire of God (God’s power) fall on the altar. When we implement the same principles in our lives and church, we will see God’s power fall on us.

1. Elijah repaired the altar (v. 30).

Our altar: Romans 12:1-2; Galatians 2:20

What breaks our altar: sin (Psalm 66:18)

What we must do: repair the broken areas of our life

2. Elijah gave God his best (v. 32-33a)

A. He built the altar in the name of the Lord.

B. He arranged the wood in order (following a prescribed plan).

God wants our best: Ecc. 9:10a; 1 Cor. 10:31; Col. 3:23

3. Elijah gave a precious sacrifice (v. 34-35)

Chapter 17 = drought

What Elijah is doing = pouring gallons and gallons of water on the altar

Our sacrifice should be precious to God (i.e., Abraham and Isaac; Luke 9:57-62)

4. Elijah had the right motivation (v. 36-37)

Elijah’s desire was for (1) others to know that God is who he says he is, (2) that he was God’s servant, and (3) that others could turn their hearts back to God.

Our motivation must be the same.

What happened when Elijah did these four things? The fire fell (v. 38-39)!

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