Summary: Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

Years ago there was a show

3 or 4 people sitting

Panel of contestants

Asked different questions to try and determine who was the real person that was performing a specific job or accomplishment.

Maybe a artist, inventor, doctor that discovered a new breakthrough in medicine

AS each contestant was asked specific questions to help determine who in fact was the correct person for who they were looking for

Other contestants would answer trying to fool the panel asking the questions

Each contestant would then try to determine who was the real person

At the end of all the questions from the panel the statement would be made

Would the real … please stand up.

In Christianity today would the real Jesus please stand up?

I think for many there is a great confusion of what Christianity truly is in our society.

There is a picture of this life with the absence of problems.

Where everything is perfect

The Gospel has been changed to a magical way to get everything you want, or could possibly desire.

This is a false gospel

Leading people into a confusion, discouragement.

Fact of the matter being a Christian is a life not with the absence of problems testing and trials.

James 1:2-3, 12 ESV

Hebrew 10:23 KJV

But a promise of victory if we hold fast.

What is it that would cause the disciples to go through such suffering and continue in the faith??


Love for God a Love for people

Matthew 22:35-40

What is Love??


3 types of Love

1) EROS Love

In the beginning of a relationship

Need based Love.

Physical attraction love

Like starting a fire with lighter fluid.

Bam its on fire

But this is not a lasting love

While this is necessary and must be maintained

Eros love will not sustain a relationship over a long time

2) Phileo Love

a. Devoted companionship

b. Going through life together

i. Paying bills

c. Daily struggles

d. Giving of yourself to the needs of another

e. Sacrifice

3) Agape Love

a. Giving even when you get nothing in return

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

This type of love is what will help maintain the other two types of love.

Through the testing the problems of Life

This type of Love gets lost

Begin to just go through the motions

Lose Love for the Lord each other and life

Renew our Love




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