Summary: Offer God nothing that does not cost you something!



I spent a few days in a hotel this past week. It had all the amenities needed for shelter. A bed, a bathroom with shower, towels, blankets, lights, mirrors, air conditioning, oh and REMOTE CONTROL TV WITH CABLE!

It was comfortable and functional but it wasn’t a home! I could live there for a while but it wouldn’t be what I would call a home!

It was a place for me to relax in, shower, shave, change clothes, read and rest, although I didn’t rest well because it wasn’t home! Generally we rest better at home, even if we don’t have a brand new mattress or furniture, because it’s home!

I’ve stayed in beach houses, tents, sleeping bags under the stars, mountain cabin getaways, lake cabins, I’ve slept on planes overnight traveling across the world, I’ve even stayed in a few, well maybe not “mansions” in the strictest sense, but better than well to do homes for most people, I’ve even spend the night in the back seat of a car on occasion.

I’ve stayed in people’s homes that were comfortable and some not so comfortable. But folk, I guess Dorothy was right with she spoke the old adage:


I’ve mentioned to you in past that I’m reading a book titled, “Hosting the Presence of God!” With the intent of become a better host, a great host, a host that the Presence of God would be warm, welcome, comfortable, entertained, and BE HONORED!

It would be hard for me to be the kind of host I am desiring to be without the proper place in which to practice “HOSTING SKILLS” of the nature I desire! I’ve been “HOSTED” by some who are good at it and “HOSTED” by some who are not so good at it, shall we say.

I’ve not heard of the homeless having any place to “HOST” someone visiting. Without a “HOME” or without a “HOUSE” or an “ABODE” if you will, “HOSTING” would be at the very least a difficult skill to attain!

Now for the last few minutes I’ve talked about us, myself particularly! I’ve done this to draw attention to the topic I’m wanting to draw your attention to this morning!

God sent David a message in the form of a question in II Samuel 7:5:

“Go and tell My servant David, Thus says the Lord, ‘Would you build a house for me to set in?’ ”

Now any Bible Scholar would tell you that was meaning a House, an Abode, for the “Presence of God” and the “Ark of the Covenant” which therein dwelled the “Presence of the Almighty!” He was talking about, what we came to know as, the “Tabernacle!”

But I’m going a different direction this morning! In fact the direction I’m going is greater in the eyes of God than the “Tabernacle” God questioned about to David in our text. I’m talking the fulfillment of God’s full desire through Jesus His Son!

Yes, there was a “Tabernacle” for God to dwell in but that wasn’t the mansion that He eventually wanted as His Dwelling place!

Look with me in Acts 7:48-49

“However, the Most High does not dwell in temples made with hands, as the prophet says; Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool! ‘What HOUSE will you build for Me .’ says the Lord...”

That is the question this morning! As I’m reading this book on “Hosting the Presence of God” I’m having to re-evaluate my hosting abilities, my place of “HOSTING!”

The Lord says to David through His servant, “Would you build a house for Me to dwell in? He doesn’t say, “If I give you the money”, He doesn’t say “If I give you the resources!” He doesn’t say “If I make a way for you.” He simply says, “Would YOU build a house for Me to dwell in?”

Man immediately thinks to himself, “And how am I supposed to do that?” Well, it’s obvious that God does know so much more than we do, but in His infinite wisdom He allows us to find out the process through the leading of the Spirit!

The books of Samuel gives us the greatest insight to David, the one we know as “A Man After God’s Own Heart!”

I think it obvious the poignant question made to David. We see it later when, while David was getting ready to offer his sacrifice to God, Arrunah offers the threshing floor to David free of charge. Arrunah meant well in the offer but David knew better than to take it for nothing. For David understood something I think we all would do well to remember or at least be reminded of!

David responds to Arrunah in II Samuel 24:24...

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