Summary: A sermon on willing service from Judges 5:1-9, emphasis on vs. 2 and 9. (Outline taken from Pulpit Commentary, Volume 3; Pages 53-54

Sermon for 8/12/2007

Judges 5:2, 9



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A. Read Scripture Judges 5:1-9

B. Our Scripture this morning comes from a song of praise from Deborah.

1. The people of Israel chose new gods (vs. 8) and the Lord delivered them into the hands of the Canaanites for 20 years.

2. Deborah is unique in the OT. She is a woman but a judge and a prophetess.

3. Deborah commands Barak through the Lord to go and attack the Canaanites.

4. Barak refuses to go unless Deborah goes with him. Deborah agrees to go with him. Not only is she a judge and a prophetess, now she is a general in the army.

5. This was dangerous because the Israelites had no weapons. Vs. 8 says that not a shield or spear was seen among the Israelites. The Canaanites had 900 iron chariots.

6. With the Lord and the leadership of Barak and Deborah and 10,000 Israelites, the Canaanites were defeated and the Israelites were saved.

B. Deborah heart turns in motherly affection to those in Israel who willingly offered themselves to the service of God and their country.

C. Willingly seems to be the key word here. The American Heritage Dictionary says that willing = Ready to act gladly; eagerly compliant.

Thesis: It should be the aim of every Christian to emulate such willingness in the cause of Christ.

For instances:

I. The willingness was to God and country.

A. To God.

1. Men and women devote themselves to business, pleasure, art, literature, and science. However, the highest object of devotion is to live to God.

2. (1 Cor 10:31 NIV) whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

3. Everything we do needs to be a part of our service to God. A young boy by the name of James had a desire to be the most famous manufacturer and salesman of cheese in the world. He planned on becoming rich and famous by making and selling cheese and began with a little buggy pulled by a pony named Paddy. After making his cheese, he would load his wagon and he and Paddy would drive down the streets of Chicago to sell the cheese. As the months passed, the young boy began to despair because he was not making any money, in spite of his long hours and hard work. One day he pulled his pony to a stop and began to talk to him. He said, “Paddy, there is something wrong. We are not doing it right. I am afraid we have things turned around and our priorities are not where they ought to be. Maybe we ought to serve God and place him first in our lives.” The boy drove home and made a covenant that for the rest of his life he would first serve God and then would work as God directed. Many years after this, the young boy, now a man, stood as Sunday School Superintendent at a church in Chicago and said, “I would rather be a deacon in this church than to head the greatest corporation in America. My first job is serving Jesus.” So, every time you take a bite of Philadelphia Cream cheese, mix a quart of Kool- Aid, slice up a DiGiorno Pizza, cook a pot of Macaroni & Cheese, stir a bowl of Cream of Wheat, slurp down some Jell-O, eat the cream out of the middle of an Oreo cookie, or serve some Stove Top, remember a boy, his pony named Paddy, and the promise that little James Kraft made to serve God and work as He directed.

B. Country

1. For Israel this was one and the same at this time. For us it is more complicated.

2. (Phil 3:20 NIV) But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,

3. (Rom 13:1 NIV) Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.(Rom 13:2 NIV) Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

4. Our first allegiance is to Christ but we have a responsibility to the authorities.

5. Not everyone can volunteer for the armed forces. Vs. 8 mentions 40,000 but only 10,000 went to battle. We can pray and help our country in many ways.

6. Barry Cameron tells about an airplane flight that he took. On the flight there were 4 servicemen. Before the door on the plane was closed, the pilot announced we had a number of special guests on our flight (the servicemen in uniform) and asked us to show our appreciation to them. The plane erupted in applause and cheers. It was a wonderful way to begin a flight. A few moments later, a man and a woman in first class, got up and came back to two soldiers in the coach cabin and said, “Would you like to sit in first class?” The look on the soldiers’ faces was priceless. So was the look from others in first class looking back and many of us in the coach section. The two soldiers stood, got their bags from the overhead compartment and walked up to the first class section and took their new seats. Amazingly, a few minutes later, another couple got up from first class and came back and did the same thing for two more soldiers. To say the least, it was a very moving experience. As our plane lifted off and began to climb into the clouds, I couldn’t help but admire the four common, ordinary people, who may not have even been Christians. They did something uncommon and extraordinary. They served, rather than waiting to be served.

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