Summary: Even when we win the battle the war is not over. This is part 5 of 5 in a series of sermons on Gideon.


Winning is Not Easy

Judges 8

Intro. Review life and Victory of Gideon

It seems everyone stops with Gideon’s victory over


Gideon and his army continue chasing two kings of Midian and about 15,000 soldiers. Vs 8:10

You would think that when you win, things get better.

It’s always when things seem to be going good that the

devil attacks.

--Revival meeting.

--Bible schools.

--Other spiritual victories.

No matter what you do, or how good you do, you will

always have the critics. Those who are quick to tear

down what you are doing for the Lord.

--When you’re up the kick you down

--When you’re down, they kick you while your down


If you’re just going to criticize us…do us a favor and

go somewhere else and criticize them. Leave us alone.

Psalm 37:1

Gideon had won and was chasing the enemy…

1. There were those who were mad they weren’t involved.

Vs. 1-3

A.Men of Ephraim (just south of them)

-They weren’t interested in the fight, just the victory, notice they did not join up with them.

-chide – argue

-Why didn’t you call on us to help!

B. Gideon’s Answer

-You are better than us already

-You have had your victories. Vs 3

-What was I able to do better than what you did?

-They were satisfied with that.

2. There are those who think you cannot be successful in what you are trying to do. Vs 4-17

A. They came to Succoth.

-They were tired.

-But they had not given up.

-They were tired and asked for some food. Vs 5

-They were refused

-What, you think you’ve won already?

-No help, no encouragement…just criticism.

-They didn’t think Gideon and his little army could do it.

-Many are just waiting for us to fail.

-They think we will close our doors and just go away.

-Gideon was operating under the promise of God. Vs 7:14

-Gideon’s promise. Vs 7

--When it has happened

--You will pay the consequences

B. Same at Penuel. Vs 8-9

-Astoreth tower

-I’ll come back “in peace” with the victory won.

3. The critics silenced. Vs 10-20

A.The enemy is defeated.

-First then army. Vs 10

-Then the kings. Vs 12

B.Gideon returns. Vs 13

-Payback time…vs. 14-17

--Succoth. Vs 16

---Penuel. Vs 17

C. The interview. Vs 18

-What manner of men did you kill at Tabor?

-They resembled the children of the king.

D. The enemy defeated. Vs 20-21

4. Gideon’s reign. Vs 22-35

A. They wanted him to rule. Vs 22

--He refused..

--Reminding them that the Lord was the King.

B. Gideon’s memorial. Vs 24-27

-Gideon’s request. Vs 24

-A collection is taken. Vs 25-26

-An ephod was made. Vs 27

--A priestly garment…urim and thumin.

--It provided a way for the people to hear from


-The people worshipped it instead.

-It became a snare to Gideon.

C. Gideon’s conquest. Vs 28

D. Gideon’s death. Vs 32

E.The people return to their old ways…

-They returned to their old gods.

-They remembered not the Lord

-They remembered not Gideon


-Don’t listen to the critics

-Remember the Lord.

(so often we see people get there lives straightened

out and they forget that it was the Lord that helped


-Serve the Lord regardless of the outcome….

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