Summary: Whether you're married or not married, this is hopefully going to enlighten you to what marriage and relationship is all about to a higher level.

How many of you all are married? Woo-woo. How many, how many of you all don't respond to this please. Look to the person next to you and say don't raise your hand. But how many of you are oh I'm married (boring sounding)? Ah how many of you are not married? I've been set free! Ah whether you're married or not married um ah this is gonna hopefully enlighten you to what marriage and relationship is all about to a whole nother level. It, it is blowing my mind. So I want you to pay close attention. Please take notes. Go home and listen to the sermon again. Look up these terms that I give you online. God has incredibly designed to some amazing stuff. So I just want to alert you.

Therefore next week we're gonna talk about the opposite. We're gonna talk about the affects of sleeping around, the affects of pornography on the brain and how it will damage/destroy your relationship to be, your ability to be in relationship. There are a lot of you in here right now who are watching pornography. There are a lot of you in here right now who are in relationship with something while watching pornography and there's a wall between you. We're gonna talk about that wall. We're gonna talk about how to rewire your brain so you can have relationship. If your brain is not rewired because it's been destroyed through sleeping around, pornography, whatever ah you'll never have the bond that God wanted you to have and created you to have. That's next week so I want to warn you, when I say warn you be thinking about someone you can bring. 1 out of every 2 guys watches pornography. 1 out of every 6 women and so it's more prevalent to you now.

We had a debate here on pornography here ah a few months ago. We had the #1 porn star in American history Ryan Jeremy here on a Friday night I believe it was and all these people were like - Why would you bring that in the church? It's already in the church. Duh! So ah we want to bring it out into the light. Ok? So ah I'm so excited. It's gonna set some of you all free and hopefully it's gonna heal some of you all's marriages or heal all the marriages that need healing. Ok? Amen?

Are you all funky fresh ready? Tell the person next to you I'm funky fresh ready. Honey what does funky fresh mean? It means you smell good. yes funky fresh.

Lord thank you so much for your faithfulness. Thank you so much for your goodness and I pray you bless us today and I pray we are all funky fresh ready. Amen, amen!

Let's see your bibles, let's see your bibles, say word. One more time say woooooord. Let's see your pens, lesson plan, lesson plan. Let's turn to, let's turn to Genesis 2, Genesis 2. If you are a visitor we are continuing our series called Wired for Love. Genesis 2, the first page of the whole bible.

When my daughter was 4 or 5 or so she was in the, in our ah family playing and we had, they had a, we had a big bucket with all of their dolls and toys in it and she reached in the bucket and grabbed Ken, Barbie and Ken and she said - Daddy, this is my man. Now at the time someone gave us a black Ken, they got black Ken. He had a little ripples here, a 6 pack, a little Jerry curl. Barbie had a weave, real long hair. So she said - Daddy this is my man. And of course as the dad I'm thinking - I'm her man. She's only like 5 years old. What does, what does that mean? Where, what do you mean you got a man already? So I went down into the toy box like you know when she went to bed I went into the thing and got the Ken out. We had a little chat. I says - So Ken you dating my daughter and he's like (frozen pose). I said - You got a job? He's like (frozen pose). Did you, did you, you got a degree? You're gonna, how you gonna support her? He wasn't saying anything, he was just standing there frozen. So I took all his clothes off and unhooked all his limbs: his head, his arms, his legs. She came down the next day - Daddy Ken is dead. What happened to Ken? This really happened by the way. All the stories I tell you are true except the ones you think are not.

But her desire to have a man and have a relationship is a God given desire. But what is that desire. We always seem to be attracted to have this love thing or this sex thing but what is it that God put in us that we are pursuing? Because God designed us for something and He put a desire in us to have that something. But what is it?

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