Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A sermon including a "quiz" for love and relationships.

Balcony let's see your pens, let's say you see your word, let's see your word, say Jesus up there. Try that one more time. I'm sorry I got, confused you all. I'll give you the benefit of that doubt. One more time, say Jesus! Very good, very good ok. You, you can put all that away. You don't need any of it today cuz we are gonna take a quiz. Ok quiz now.

How many of you have never been in a quiz here at the church and you don't even know what that is? Raise your hand. Ok, ok here's how it goes. You got to get in the quiz position which means you put your booty back. That means sit up straight. Put your booty all the way back in the seat and we do a quiz usually at the end of a series and what we'll do is review a lot of the highpoints of the series and we're gonna quiz Wired for Love. And I don't know how much we're gonna get as far as what's in your lesson plan. you have probably 60 or 70 questions in your lesson plan. We are not going to read it. You won't be able to keep up but I'm mot gonna say exactly what's in it anyway. So here's how the quiz works. I tell you, I make a statement and then I ask you a question based on the statement. So I'll say to love God means to obey God, and I'll say to love God means to what? Just like that, simple as that and we'll do that all throughout the rest of the next half hour or so.

The key is to say something. You learn more when you say than when you listen. You learn more when you write than when you read. And you learn more when you do than when you watch. And so a lot of times when you go to learn what do you do? You listen, you watch and, and you don't say anything so, and you read. So you do what's the least way to learn. So we're gonna make it interactive. That's one of the reasons I always have you interact, raise your hand, answer questions cuz you learn better when, when you do that. You remember stuff so we're gonna do that for 40 minutes. Ah understand this, when we take a quiz and I'm gonna give you information, I'm gonna come fast and hard boom-boom-boom-boom-boom. Your brain is receiving information faster than you are. I know your brain is you and so your brain is getting it and you don't think you're getting it but your brain is getting it.

And so when I ask you for a question or ask you to respond just respond. Don't worry about being wrong cuz no one's gonna hear you. In other words people aren't gonna go - That's wrong. That ain't gonna happen cuz they're not gonna be sure if you got it right and they got it wrong and they're not gonna hear you anyway. We're just gonna all shout out and if I make a mistake which I will you can laugh. That's fine. You know laugh, make fun of, it's a fun thing and so I'm gonna have hand signs. I'm gonna do all this and I'm gonna ask you this, I'm gonna ask you this and I'm gonna be going so fast I'm gonna mess up. We just laugh and keep going. Ok? And one of the reasons that I want to focus is, bring that up is because making a mistake is overrated. It's no big deal. We all make mistakes e very day so don't, don't trip out on it. Let's just keep going and learn and by the end you'll have learned and memorized a lot of things that maybe you didn't have. Ok? Amen? Ok let's pray.

Lord thank you so much for your faithfulness. Thank you so much for being good to us and we pray you ah, I pray Lord that you'd teach people a lot more information that they think they're gonna be able to learn and I pray more importantly that we apply it to our life. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Everyone say Jesus! Very good. Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. Give the person next to you a high five. Ok. Muy bueno, muy bueno.

When I was 22 years old I was ah drafted to the Los Angeles Rams and as part of our physical which took all day. I don't remember if it was 1 or 2 days but it was at least a long day. As part of the physical we had to do a treadmill test and it was a stress test for your heart and your lungs and they put up all these electrodes, EKG, blood pressure, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah on our brain and everything and they put us on the treadmill and they started to tread real slow and the goal was to get our heart rate as high as it can go. At that time my maximum heart rate was 198 beats a minute and if you want to know your maximum heart rate you just take the number 220 minus your age and if you're gonna work out you should work out at 80% of that number. So let me do a little math for you. I know I just fried some of you all's brains. So if you're 30, 220-30 is 180/190 and then 190 80% of that is 190x.8 and then whatever that number is that's how you/the number you should try to work out at and that will keep you in really good shape.

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