I. Introduction

"Advice" - Famous man once said, "Old people love to give good advice because it saves them the trouble of being a good example.

"Only 10 minutes to speak" - French surgeon was once quoted as having said, "If I was given only 10 minutes in which to complete an operation, I’d first take 5 minutes to best decide how to perform it."

"What Do You Say to People You Care About?" - I would wish more than anything that all of you consider what the Word of God has to say.

It is the greatest guide for mankind in the world!

Prov. 3:5-6; Josh. 1:8

Ps. 118:8 - "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."

Ps. 9:10 - "They that Know Thy name will put their trust in Thee; for Thou, Lord, has NOT forsaken them that seek thee."

Nahum 1:7 - "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knoweth them that trust in Him."

II. Missionary Story of Ants

A. The other day I read an account of a missionary from India who had learned some lessons from the "ant".

B. The story goes: "The Lord must have desired to teach me something through the "ants" because He allowed me to come in contact with enough of them! The encyclopedia says there are more ants than any other insect. It seems that most of them must be in India! He goes on to say… "everywhere he looked there were ants" - Ants in the plastic bag of bread, though it was securely tied. Ants in a jar of jam, though its lid was screwed on it. Ants in the margarine, swimming in the liquid goo. Ants in a tin box of cookies, though its lid was tightly fastened. Ants…Ants…Ants everywhere all day long!! He then states - By evening I was thoroughly annoyed. I had eaten ants in my breakfast, lunch, and supper. Hoping to get a good night’s sleep, I moved my cot into open, away from the tent and the trees. As I lay down with a sigh of exhaustion, I was soon jolted from my rest by the fiery bites of more ants!!!

C. One might ask, "Why is telling us about "ANTS" in church???

D. Prov. 6:6 states, "Go to the ANT…consider her ways and be wise."

E. If all Scripture is given by the inspiration and profitable, then we must conclude that there are important lessons we can learn from the "ANT" as well.

II. Lessons from an ANT

A. The Ant Is Determined -

1. We have all seen the determination of the ant; it does not easily give up!

2. How easily we see people give up on their goals and their dreams.

3. Ants do not easily deter - they find a way to overcome life’s obstacles - stumblingblocks - circumstances.

4. Just as the plastic bag, the jar’s lid, nor the tin of cookies was able to cause the ant to give up on its goal - we need to learn to find a way to succeed also.

B. The Ant Is an Opportunist -

1. Have you ever seen an ant use a stick, a leaf, a straw from an old broom to navigate over terrain that is not passable?

2. The ant looks for "opportunities" to get what she wants.

3. We need to learn this lesson well - So often we are tasked to do some seemingly impossible feat, and we are defeated before we ever start.

4. The ant does not seem to even consider defeat! It just simply takes advantage of whatever opportunity is before her.

C. The Ant Is Concerned for Others -

1. Ants are notorious for being cooperative with other ants.

2. Have you ever watched an ant colony at work??

3. There is no doubt that the business world could learn great applications for its employees.

4. Illustration - (One ant trying to move a giant grass hopper)

5. Soon a whole army of ants are cooperating to move the insect.

D. The Ant Communicates with Effectively -

1. Though I have never heard an ant talk (besides Atom Ant), the ant is very effective in communicating with others.

2. Whenever one ant finds something of value, she sends out a message to all of her friends and relatives.

3. Illustration - (Indian Preacher put a pinch of sugar on table)

4. Before long, one ant found the sweet tasting morsels and immediately returns to tell others who also tell others.

5. Within a short time, there is an army of ants eating - "O taste, and see that the Lord is good!"

E. The Ant Is Single Minded -

1. Ants are not only determined as individuals, but they are also single minded as a colony.

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