Summary: Which type of wisdom is influencing us?

We Have learned so much from the Letter by James because they are truths from our Creator God! One of the most important truths we have noted is that we are to live by faith by actually taking actions based on our belief. Faith without deeds is dead.

This morning, we will learn more about how to live by faith.

Open your Bibles to James 3….. Read along with me v13-18…..

We are to live by faith by taking action with our beliefs!

Verse 13 tells us that taking action (deeds) are to be done in humility! The original Greek word for humility here means gentle strength. And so,

v13: Taking action (deeds) are to be done in “gentle strength”!

And how can a person get gentle strength (humility) which is needed to take the right actions?

v13: Humility (gentle strength) comes from the right wisdom!

So far so good right?

But why do we have so much problems in the world? What just happened in Paris is an example! Even as Christians we will run into problems!

The problem is stated for us here by God. There are two types of wisdom; one leads to disorder and evil practices, the other type of wisdom leads to peace and righteousness. Which wisdom are we basing our lives with? Which type of wisdom is the world leaning on?

Wisdom is supposed to make us wise; how do we know which wisdom to choose?

v14: the wrong wisdom causes:

- bitter envy (jealousy)

- selfish ambitions

- boasting

- denial of truth (reality)

v15: people can trust wrong wisdom which is ungodly! This is why (v16) our world has problems!

v17: The right wisdom comes from heaven: pure, peace loving, considerate, submissive, merciful, fruitful, impartial and sincere!

v18: The results of having the right wisdom: peace and righteousness!

Now, we can point fingers at others like to Isis; but again let us note, to whom was the Letter by James written to??

And so, God is asking us Christians, which type of life we live; a life of disorder and evil or a life of peace and righteousness?

The type of life we will have is dependent on the type of wisdom we learn and trust!

Again, v14 describes for us ungodly wisdom. Any of the descriptions in v14 apply to us?

If they do, they are sins which need to be confessed and repented from!

How do we get godly wisdom? Proverbs 9:10 - The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

The word fear here in Hebrew is yira, which means to revere!

How do we fear (yirah – revere) the Lord?

And so, revere the Lord constantly and gentle strength will follow, which brings wisdom to a life of peace and righteousness!

Revere the Lord daily!!

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