Summary: There is no better exercise for the human heart than reaching down and lifting someone up. Jesus on the Cross is our best example. Let’s see why!

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Just how much do you know about the death of Jesus? Sad as it is and true nonetheless, we think of His sacrifice once during the calendar year. Easter.

In some ways, we have, with most of the real story, hidden the truth from the general public simply because we are more concerned about being politically correct and in hopes we don’t offend anyone with such a bloody religion.

However the Word of God says directly "Without shedding of blood is no remission..." He 9:22a

Question: just how many times did Jesus have to shed His blood before all our sins could be forgiven? The answer:(1) once! He 9:28

But, did you know on more than one occasion Jesus’ blood was shed and each time it was as Isaiah said, "...with each stripe we all became better..." (emphasis mine)

Each time Christ offered Himself and His blood was shed, It actually fulfilled a moment in prophecy & when the last drop was offered, man’s Salvation became complete!

Main Division

I. At Circumcision: The Making Of A New Blood Covenant (Luke 2:21)

II. In The Garden: To Restore The Lost Paradise Possession By The First Adam (Luke 22:44)

III. His Beard: To Remove the Human Veil That Separated God’s Face From Mankind (Isa 50:6)

IV. His Back: Lifting The Burden Of Our Sin & Placing It Upon His Own (I Peter 2:24)

V. The Crown: Which Represented The Crown Of Life Was Now Replaced (Jn 19:5)

VI. The Nails: Man’s Ability To Walk With God Regained (Isa 22:23-25)

VII. His Side: From The Side Of Man Came A Helpmate On This Day Salvation Is Complete To All, Man, Woman, Boy or Girl (Jn 19:31-35)

Conclusion: Since Christ died for Us, We The Should Be Willing Then To Live for Him!

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