Summary: A sermon that describes Satan's methods or tools he uses to knock a Christian off their foundation, Christ Jesus.



• Charles Quarles: “This false teaching threatened to undermine the supremacy of Christ, rob the church of its peace and joy, and

destroy the unity of the church that had characterized it from the beginning.” Lifeway Study, p. 37

• Chapter 1 focuses on Christ being all we need to believe in. Now as we flow into chapter 2, Paul is going to challenge the church

to remember that Christ is all we need to stand for/fight for.

• We are reminded in chapter 2 of a sobering wakeup call to the church. The true church of Jesus Christ will always be at war until

the return of Christ. Our enemy the devil will never stop trying to knock the church off her Foundation (Jesus Christ). His attack is

aimed at destroying Christ’s preeminence, the Gospel, and a Christian’s personal walk with Christ.

• Ill: Marcus Luttrell, “Lone Survivor” – 1 navy seal survived a brutal attack in the mountains of Afghanistan; loosing 16 seals and

rangers in the mission. After letting three shepherd go, the mission was compromised, and anywhere from 20-30 Taliban

surrounded the men with a full assault. Satan is no less vicious!

How does the enemy tries to destroy your freedom?

I. Christ is All You Need To Believe In.

II. Christ is All You Need to Stand For. (key verse – 1:7)

A. The enemy seeks to deceive us. (2:4-5)

a. Paul’s shows concern: Whether it is one person or more than one, it would seem that Paul is addressing those who are

bad mouthing Paul’s care and concern for the church at Colosse. He wants them to know that no matter what is being

said about him, his prayers (1:3), and spirit (2:5) is with them.

i. Satan is a master at deceptive communications, it is his signature! Gen. 3

b. Paul’s shows confidence: By what Paul has heard about these Christians, they have not just laid down to these false

teachers. By the military language used by Paul, it would seem that this church was standing firm together.

i. “good order/taxis” refers to a line of soldiers waiting to fight.

ii. “stability/stereoma” refers to strength of a formation of soldiers.

c. Application: Ill: The deception was an attempt to disconnect this church from Christ, the gospel, and even her Godly

leaders. When Christians think that they do not need a pastor, or minister, or teacher…they are being deceived by


B. The enemy seeks to kidnap us. (2:8)

• “cheat” is a word that is better translated “Kidnapped” “carried off as a captive of war. Ill: Washington Post article that a

recent poll suggest 2.5% or 6 million people admit that they have been kidnapped by aliens. Over 800,000 children go

missing in US each year; and millions around the world.

• Taken captive by philosophy (love wisdom) and “false promises” that are based on the traditions and principles of the

world. In other words, “man made religion”.

• These “new teachings” promise to free a person, but in reality Paul states that they will carry a person off as a slave, in


• The Gospel message is one that frees men from bondage. John 8:36 – “If the Son has set you free, then you are truly

free.” Gal. 5:1

C. The enemy seeks to judge us. (2:16-17;20-23)

a. Legalism: to measure one’s spiritual standing by following the laws of men. Paul may have had one person in mind you

had come into the church and was comparing the church’s behavior with that of Jewish laws and rituals. ILL: Ex. The

law of the rabbis forbade someone from checking their clothes for fleas on the Sabbath.

i. Adhering to laws makes a person content in his self-righteousness. Out standard is not a set of laws, but rather

Jesus Christ.

b. Asceticism: self-denial of pleasures or activities for the purpose of getting more spiritual. It was not done for draw closer

to Christ as much as to bring attention to themselves. ILL: Middle Ages monks who buried themselves as a vegetable,

stood on pillars for years, mutilated their bodies, or deprived themselves of food or sleep; usually this did not give them

any more knowledge about God, but thousands flocked to hear them speak.

c. Application: Jesus directly spoke against the Pharisees for this very thing. Using the law to pull people down, but to

exalt themselves. To the false teachers, experience and rituals are two key components of true fullness with God; when

in reality, the fullness rest in Christ alone (1:19). Verse 17, the law is a shadow, Christ is the substance!

D. The enemy seeks to disqualify us. (2:18-19)

• To “disqualify” means to rule one illegal because of certain rules broken. Well, we can see that the broken rules were

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