Summary: Sermon #3 in the 2003 Calvary Family Series. God instructs husbands to love their wives. (See previous sermon). God instructs wives to respect their husbands and submit to them. Before we abandon time-honored truth, let's look at what the Bible says.

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Calvary Baptist Church

May 25, 2003

This is message number three of six on the family, beginning with mothers day and ending on Father's day.

Keywords: Wives, Wife, Submission, Marriage

TEXT: Col. 3:18 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.

QUOTE: 3:18. Wives are to submit to their husbands as their heads. This command was not limited to Paul's day, as is obvious from two reasons he gave elsewhere: (1) the order of

Creation (man was created first, then woman; 1 Tim. 2:13); (2) the order within the Godhead (Christ submits to the Father; 1 Cor. 11:3). Submission or subordination does not

mean inferiority; it simply means that the husband, not the wife, is head of the home. If he may be thought of as the Apresident," she is the Avice president."

Of course there are moral limits to this submission; it is only as is fitting in the Lord. Just as obedience to government is commanded (Rom. 13:1; Titus 3:1; 1 Peter 2:13), but

only insofar as government takes its place under God (Ex. 1; Dan. 3; 6), even so a wife's submission to her husband is only Ain the Lord." That is, she is not obligated to

follow her husband's leadership if it conflicts with specific scriptural commands. (BKC)


JOKE: From the pulpit: "I asked my wife to look over my notes for today's sermon and mark out everything dull so in conclusion ..." Cartoonist Bob McCullough in

Leadership, Vol. 9, no. 3.

NOTE: TODAY WE HAVE A 20 minute introduction and a 20 minute sermon!


Greek: The word submit is a compound word in Greek. Vine tells us that it is a military word. It comes from a word meaning Aunder" and another word meaning Aorderly

arrangement, or rank." So to submit is to accept yourself as ranking below another in the authority structure.

English: Def.: To yield to the power, authority or control of another. Our word in English comes from two Latin words, sub (under) and misseo (to send out to a place).

It is the source of our word missionary. So one who submits is one who has been placed under the authority of another for a specific task or mission.

ILLUS: A military officer may rank below another for a campaign. But when both men have retired, they return to equal rank. Each has one vote. A caste system is wrong and

harmful. A rank system is right and helpful.


1) Jesus was subject to His parents (Luke 2:51)

2) Paul tells us that we are to be subject to the governmental authorities. (Rom. 13:1)

3) We are told to be subject unto the spiritual authorities in the church. (1 Cor. 6:16)

4) Husbands and wives are told to submit themselves one to another. (Eph. 5:21)

5) The Church is to be subject to Christ. (Eph. 5:24)

6) Wives are to be subject to their own husbands. (Eph. 5:22)

7) Church members, including deacons, are to submit themselves to their pastor. (Heb. 13:17)

8) Everyone is to be subject to God. (James 4:7)

9) Servants are to be subject to their masters. (1 Peter 2:18)

10) Angels are subject to Christ in Heaven. (1 Peter 3:22)

11) Youth are to submit themselves to their elders. (1 Peter 5:5)


• Submission is not easy for any of us.

• Some would have us to wink at the suggestion of a wife submitting herself to her husband.

• The reality is that many who will not submit to their husband will not submit to anyone, including their God or their pastor!

• God was serious when he led Paul to write the words of our text.

• And we are serious when we preach them today!

• What is the problem that society has with the Bible here?

• FIRST: Society has rejected many tried and true principles of life.

• SECOND: Society misunderstands what God is saying and what God is not saying.

• This does not refer to women and men in general.

• I have never in my life asked a secretary to Aget me some coffee"!

• The submission is a home thing! It is a husband thing!

• A Final Note: Four times, God told husbands to love their wives. Seven times, God tells wives to be subject to their husbands.


In modern society this is strong; in fact, it is too strong for many. Many reject the idea of woman's subjection as archaic, outdated, and old fashioned. Some even react in

anger and hostility against the Word of God and those who preach the duty of wives.

Are they right? Has Scripture gone too far in declaring that wives should be subject to their husbands?

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