Summary: This Sermon outline deals with people focusing on God instead of people

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I. The Condition of the People: 5:8-23

A. They were full of selfish greed and oppression of the poor. 5:8-10

B. They sought foolish pleasures and were viciously wasteful in their pursuit of those pleasures. 5:11-17

C. There were extremely materialistic and defiant of God. 5:18-19

D. They had a reversal of moral standards. 5:20

E. There were very proud of their intellect and perceived self-sufficiency. 5:21

F. They were controlled by their alcoholic indulgence and governmental corruption. 5:22-23

II. The Condition of God. 6:1-3

NOTE: God is, was, and always will be High and Holy

III. The Condition of the Prophet. 6:4

A. He was undone.

NOTE: This means he was cut of or he thought he was going to die because he had seen God.

B. He was unclean.

NOTE: This means he perceived himself as a sinner not a righteous person. When we get in to the presence of a Holy God we are going to see ourselves as we are not worthy to be there and not worthy to live.

C. He saw himself as unclean as the people that he

had pronounced judgment.

IV. The Cleansing of the Prophet. 6:6-7

V. The Cry of God. Who will go? 6:8a

VI. The Willingness of the Prophet. 6:8b

VII. The Commission given by God. 6:9

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