Summary: Under the New Covenant, modern day prophets do not lead, guide, or direct people’s lives. Seeking prophets for guidance brings massive confusion into a Christian’s life. We are to be led by the "Sure Word of God" (2Pet.1:19) and the "Spirit of God" (Rom.

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2 Pet 1:16-19


2Pet 1:19 says we have a "more sure word of prophecy."

It is more sure than "cleverly devised fables."

It is more sure than an "eye-witness" account.

It is more sure than a "voice" from the heavens.

It is the Bible!



John Higgins was involved with the formation of a ministry called House of Miracles. John relates his encounter with a group led by David Berg:

"I met them and was impressed at first by their zeal. But, their zeal became a great burden because they kept claiming that unless you did the things that they did, you were not of Christ. I went and prayed with them many times about this and they never condemned us, but they always gave the impression that unless you were of them you weren’t of Christ… Their leader was named, David Berg. David, plus his son Jonathan, along with a man named Paul, and a few others of his family were the ruling body. They became extremely fanatical and at one point came and prophesied against us (at the House of Miracles). They said, "Woe unto the House of Miracles". Then Lonnie [Frisbee] popped up and gave a prophecy, "Woe unto them that say thus saith the Lord and I have not spoken." I just really got a big kick out of that for I felt that the Lord had spoken back to their prophecy. Anyway, these people became so fanatical that they claimed to be the only ones and claimed to be the way to salvation. Finally they left saying that California was going to fall into the ocean.


John Salvesen relates how followers of David Berg interfered in his marriage by forcing his wife, Linda, to (quote) "make a decision between the work of the Lord and her ‘unspiritual husband.’" He said:

"One night I got three calls from people expressing concern for Linda’s safety. By the time the third call came through, I was on my way downtown. Though I’m not a charismatic or visionary kind of guy, I received a vision of Linda sitting in a chair surrounded by guys talking at her. Sure enough when I walked in, I saw Linda surrounded by seven guys telling her that she shouldn’t listen to her husband because it is her ministry. That God would speak through her and through them, but not through her husband."


A former follower of David (Moses) Berg wrote:

We were told David Berg was the "End Time Prophet." This belief was the very foundation of our thinking processes for years. The things that Mo (David Moses Berg) said had a powerful influence on us, sometimes even years after leaving his group. It can hardly be stressed enough just how important a correct understanding of the Bible is.

Why? Because, if David Berg is the End Time Prophet as he claims, then that makes him "God’s voice" and despite his mistakes, human weaknesses, foibles and outright sins, we should listen to him.

BUT, what if he isn’t the Prophet that was promised? The answer is obvious: If Mo says he’s "God’s End time Prophet," when in fact he is not, then you don’t need to fear him. You can, with a clear conscience toward God, disregard his Letters and follow God according to what you believe God is telling you. Furthermore, if Mo is not the Prophet, then he has spoken presumptuously in declaring that he is. He has made a false prophecy and, as Deut. 18:22 says, "The prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him."

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