Summary: Four things a mom can do to be more effective

“Woman of God ”

Today is a special day for special women – the mom’s. The rose that you each received this morning is just a token of our love and honor of you. After church this morning we men are going to serve you a wonderful meal that we have lovingly prepared. We will seat you at a fancy table with nice tableware and dishes and wait on you. We will serve you first and then we will dine on hamburgers and hot dogs on paper plates with plastic tableware. It’s just a simple way to show you that we value you and honor you. We also have a special gift for each one of you moms.

Someone may ask why we are honoring you – granted it’s Mother’s Day and we’re suppose to remember you and honor you today. But you are so important. You have such a tremendous influence on your family. What you do or don’t do has great consequence – and the problem is that motherhood doesn’t come with a set of directions. There is no learners permit; no owners manual. You pretty much have to wing it. You need much grace. If you have been very blessed you will learn, or have learned, a little about being a mother from your own mom. The problem is that all moms are in the same predicament. So your mom wasn’t the perfect example. She may have tried. She may even have been a Christian and a wonderful godly woman – but she still wasn’t perfect. So you did not receive all the knowledge you needed to be a perfect mom yourself.

Not only did you not have a set of directions - you also have the disadvantage of having a fallen nature. You know what that means. You are naturally selfish. You have to deal with that. Then there are the hormones and chemical imbalances and those certain times of the month that everything is out of whack. BOY! No wonder we are so messed up! Our moms had a lot to deal with, didn’t they!

This morning, maybe the best we can do is sympathize with you and let you know we understand maybe just a little bit. We forgive you for your failures and we honor you for your love and hard work and caring about us. But I want to share with you a couple of goals that a mom or grand mom can work on and maybe be more effective and grow in grace.

First of all, be a loving mom. It’s important to just love us dads. I think it was James Dobson who said that the best thing a mom can do for her child is to love their dad. I remember in my own growing years the love that my parents had for each other. I remember them lying on the couch together watching TV in each other’s embrace and the special words of affection and the little displays of love. I probably made some smart aleck remark about it at the time – but it did me good. It gives a child a sense of security to see that his parent love each other. It also gives him an example to emulate.

Then love your child. How we all need love. Many teens today will do just about anything to feel loved. If they haven’t learned about commitment and formed values from their parents they may hop from one sexual relationship to another looking for love. That goes for both men and women. But if they have received love at home it will stabilize them and give them a foundation for all their relationships in the future.

Most importantly, love God. When a baby is brought to me for dedication one of the things I tell the moms is that “the first glimpse your child has of God will be as he looks up into your gentle loving face as you hold them in your arms.”

One of the reasons we are born; one of the reasons that every person walks around on this sin polluted planet is to have an opportunity to come into a loving relationship with God. As much as you love your child – God loves them so much more. And He has entrusted them into your care to nurture them and feed them and teach them His ways. One of the most important things you can do as a mother is to teach your child to worship God. You do that, first of all, by worshipping God yourself. As you go to church and have your personal devotions and your family devotional time, your child will begin to understand how to worship God. He will see that God is good and worthy to be praised.

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