Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is is a prayer sermon to address spiritual issues from the womb.



• The system I live in will not kill me

• The poverty evil dishonesty in which I live will not kill me

• Every program of the environment to hand me an early grave backfire now in Jesus name.

• Lord hand me fresh organs to restore my physical and spiritual health in Jesus name.

• You my disbelief and stubbornness let my life not give way to you in Jesus name

• Every grave of shame and disgrace dug for us and this ministry be filled with the Blood of Jesus.

• Cover all my naked with your Blood O Jesus

• Any area of my life where I am in trouble rescue me with your Blood O Jesus.

• The evil stopwatch timing my suffering, be destroyed in Jesus name.

Today we discuss a very important aspect of deliverance that is usually overlooked. The deliverance associated with the womb.

The womb in human terms is that area of the body or the organ associated with bringing forth or the area through which fruitfulness and replication is achieved.

The womb is the area that retains the fertilized egg and from which nourishment and continence is achieved for the 9 months it takes for the ‘bun in the oven’ to mature.

After 9 months the baby is matured and comes out and life begins. The womb is the foundation of human life as we know it.

Inside the womb the flesh of the baby takes in the spirit man, that gives the baby the legitimacy to live.

Many people are refusing to excel because of things they went through while they were inside the womb.

Sex between man and woman brings conception. That is the nature God has ordained from the start. That is a physical occurrence and usually it is characterized by physical pleasure.

How a child is conceived however can make all the difference. How the foundation of a building is constructed makes all the difference to the kind of building it will become.

Do you know how you were conceived?!!


By the power of the Holy Ghost, you my conception adjust by fire to normal in Jesus name.

A child conceived through rape is a child with a foundation of violence. A child conceived in anger or bitterness or unexpectedly or unwontedly is a child with a foundation of rejection.


Any spirit of rejection contriving disfavor for my destiny, I bind and cast you down now in Jesus’ name.

In Genesis 29 and 30:1-13, we see the way children can be conceived in utter confusion.

The guy named Reuben who was Jacob’s first born, was conceived out of an unloved and deceptive situation between Leah and Jacob.

Jacob asked for Rachel as his wife from Laban, but was given Leah by a scheming father-in-law.

In Genesis 29:31-32. God opened Leah’s womb and shut Rachel’s because Jacob had no love for Leah. The outcome was Reuben whom his father cursed as unstable on his deathbed. So, poor REUBEN actually needed womb deliverance, because of the specter of rejection that had afflicted him from the womb.

Whichever way your mother felt or what she did while she preconceived, conceived or carried you to term will definitely affect you.

Isaac became a child of doubt and laughter because his mother doubted his conception and laughed.

How about Tamar the daughter in-law of Judah in Genesis 38:11-30. She deceived him by camouflaging as a prostitute to sleep with him and gave birth to twins; Perez (breaking out) and Zerah (brightness) (Be careful what names you give your children). Confusion was the foundation of these children from the womb, because their mother deceived their grandfather to conceive them


Every ill-feeding my mother had towards me that has resulted in my present situation be adjusted by fire in Jesus’ name.

When some of us were conceived our mothers conceived us and carried us in fear. Maybe because she was not married to the father or he was someone else’s husband, or because he had no intention of marrying her, or he was physically or/and emotionally abusing her.

Fear opens the door to the enemy to run riot. And the recipient of the attack is the person of least resistance, usually the baby in the womb.

God’s plan was to form us perfectly with our destinies (Jeremiah 1) but in Acts 3:2. Acts 14:8 we see lame and crippled men from their mother’s womb.

Something went wrong somewhere if God’s plan was to make us after his own image. God appreciates the firstborn so much that he consecrated every Israeli firstborn in Numbers 8:16-17.

But why then did the mother of the twins Jacob and Esau connive with (Kehinde) to swap Taiye inheritance.


Every evil/satanic exchange done to my star and glory in the womb be reversed now in Jesus’ name.

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