Summary: Meditate the Word of God day and night

Malachi 3:16 Meditate His Name

By Rev. Andrew B Natarajan

1. Meditating the Name of the Lord.

The name of God is power, omniscience, justice, goodness, mercy, and truth. My meditation will be pleasing to the Lord. (Ps. 104:34).

His name was sacred; it was a fruitful source of profound and edifying meditation. The Lord hearkened to their conversation, heard the meditations of their hearts; a book of remembrance was written before the Lord - all their names were carefully registered in heaven. Fear of God takes includes religious worship, both internal and external; these "spake often one to another"; of the unbelief, impiety, and profaneness of men, with great concern and lamentation; and of the great and good things they were led into the knowledge of; the everlasting love of the Father in the choice of them, and covenant with them in Christ; of redemption by the Son; of the glories of his person, and the fullness of his grace; of the work of the Spirit of God upon their souls; and of the various truths of the everlasting Gospel; and of the gracious experiences they were indulged with; and all this they said for the glory of God's grace, and for the comforting and strengthening, and edifying, of each other's souls. It is a reverential and loving fear, not slavish terror. Keep the holy flame alive. Coals separated soon go out.

Kings had their chronicles written wherein people's good or ill deeds toward them were recorded. (Esther 6:1). "the Lord said to Moses, Write this, a memorial in a book." In fact, with God all things are present, and memory relates to the past, to speak of God as "remembering" is as imperfect an expression in regard to God, as to speak of "a book." , "Forgetfulness hath no place with God, because He is in no way changed; nor remembrance, because He forgetteth not." But it is for our minds, that our deeds are present with God, for good or for evil; and in the Day of Judgment He will make them manifest to men and angels. Daniel 7:10, Revelation 20:12, Exodus 32:32, Psalm 69:28, Luke 10:20, Are not these things noted in thy book?" says the psalmist (Psalm 56:8).

2. Meditate on His creations.

Job 38:1 to 41:34. The Omni potent of God is revealed in Job, God’s creations are great (40:19)

None of us knew, how the earth was created?(38:4), how the ocean was created?(38:8), Rains(38:22), dews(28:28), Stars (38:32), Lightening (38:35), Animals (38:40), great fish (40:15), The powerful creations you cannot understand how great it is?

Missing Flight MH 370: Kulalampur to Beijing. Human science not able to trace the missing flight route. Possible outcome: The Aircraft climbed 45000 ft above and later rapidly descended 12000ft. The maximum altitude for a Boeing 777 was 43000ft. Time of useful consciousness (TUC) during the depressurization at 45000ft is mere 9-15 seconds, if the oxygen masks are not donned and used within that time, the person becomes brain dead, if the warning system were deactivated, everyone in the cabin could have been brain dead, because all were fast asleep.

So how can we understand the creations of God and its routes, its ways and means. TH route of the clouds, the rout of the rains and the storms, the earth quake, etc.,

3. Meditate on His Wondrous works. Job 37:14, Ps 105:2, I Chr. 16:9.

His redemption history from Abraham to present days are very important. They are very unique and points to the great wonders of God. How he brought them out of Egypt, how led them in the wilderness, how redeemed them during the days of Judges and the days of the kings, how Jesus performed miracles while he was on the earth and how he used the Apostles to perform miracles.

Arthur Ashe: Legendary Wimbledon Player – dying of AIDS- “Why God selected you for that deadly disease?” – asked by one of his fans. He responded: 50 million children played tennis, 5 million learned to play tennis, 5 lacs learned professional tennis, 50 thousand came to circuit, 5 thousand reached Grandslam, 50 reached Wimbledon, 4 reached semi-finals, 2 reached finals, when I was holding the cup I never asked God “why Me?” then why now?

4. Meditate the word of God

Ps 1:1 - Day and night, Josh 1:8 - do not depart from the word day and night, Ps. 119:97 – I love your law and I meditate day long. Meditate morning, evening and midday (Ps 55:17). Meditate the word in the nights (Ps. 63:6)

Ps 119:15,78 – I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways, the arrogant may try to put me into shame. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

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