Summary: Words produce wonders or horrors!


Words are powerful. They are spirit carriers. Out of the spiritual comes

the natural; for out of the unseen comes the things that are seen. Men and

matters are moved and molded by spirits.

God could have brought forth the world with His thoughts. With a wave of

His hand He could have created. But God used words. He SAID, "Let there be

light" and there was light. God spoke the world into existence. In

Genesis, chapter 1, we find the words "God said" ten times. Before God

created man, He SAID, "Let us make man in our own image". God is God of

speech, a God of words.

All things are made by the word of God. All things exist by ’the word of

God. His word is a final authority for men and matters.

Jehovah gave his words of sustenance and ordinance to His people. As long

as men heeded His words and walked according to them, they were fearless

conquerors of darkness and demons. His words in the heart of men kept them

free from sin. His commandments were a delight. His laws were wonderful.

His ordinance prevailed over princes. His words gave more under standing

than the ancients. It brought illumination when the path was dark.

Jehovah’s words were sweeter than honey and more precious than fine gold.

He sent His word and healed them from sickness and disease. His word gave

them deliverance from destructive forces. His words gave hope,

encouragement and the promise of eternal life. Truly His word provided all

things for life and godliness in spirit, soul and body.

Jesus was a full expression of the unseen God. He was the WORD of God.

Jesus said, "Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is come". He proclaimed the

kingdom of heaven with words. He not only ’ demonstrated the kingdom of

God with his actions but He did so with His words. His words were amazing.

The best spiritual teachers were astounded by His wonderful words. He

added a new dimension to speech. He said "Your sins are forgiven’ and they

were forgiven. With His words He commanded evil spirits to leave. He

healed sickness and disease with His words. Gracious words came out of His

mouth. Words of ultimate power proceeded forth from the son of God. He

stood before the grave of Lazarus and said, "Come forth"; and a man who

was dead for four days came forth from the grave. He said, "If you believe

my words you shall live." No man spoke like Jesus.

Jesus taught about the power of words. He said "Whosoever shall say unto

this mountain be thou removed and be cast into the sea and shall not doubt

in his heart but shall believe that whatsoever he said shall come to pass,

he will have whatever he says". Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it died.

He spoke to the angry waves and they calmed. He spoke to the dead and they

lived. Mans words are powerful, for man was made in the image of God. When

the heart is full it speaks. When the heart is full of good things it

brings forth good. When the heart is full of evil, it brings forth evil.

Therefore watch your words.

The word that manifests God’s righteousness is in our mouth. When we

confess that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and cling to Him, we

shall be saved. With the heart, man believeth and with the mouth, the word

of confession is spoken to manifest salvation. Except a man be born again

he cannot see the kingdom of God. We are born again when we confess God’s

word concerning salvation. We are born again by the incorruptible word of


The scriptures abound with teachings about the power of words. Words enter

the spiritual realm first and bring forth the manifestations of good

things or evil things. The tongue is a little member, a world of iniquity.

It defiles the whole body and the course of nature. It is like a rudder in

a ship and a bridle in a horse’s mouth. Your voice penetrates every fibre

in your body. The human body is designed to respond to words. Negative

words have ill effects. Faithfilled words produce godly effects.

Faith and fear produce their corresponding effects, when it is spoken. The

word of faith brings victory. The word of fear brings defeat. Satisfaction

comes by the effect of words. A man shall live well by the words of his

mouth. A man that controls his tongue, preserves his life. In the

multitude of words, sin and destruction lurk. A man of understanding and

knowledge is of few words. The words of a wise man are health. ’The words

of a righteous man are life. A tongue that brings wholesome words is a

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