Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Examining how Christ’s plea of forgiveness from the cross can be a reality in our lives today

The road to David’s forgiveness involved five things...

1. David’s CONFESSION (v. 1-6)

A. His appeal (v. 1-2)

1) He appealed for God’s mercy (v. 1a).

2) He appealed for God’s unfailing love (v. 1b).

3) He appealed for God’s compassion (v. 1c).

4) He appealed for God’s cleansing (v. 2).

B. His awareness (v. 3-6)

1) He was aware of his sin (v. 3).

2) He was aware of who he had sinned against (v. 4).

3) He was aware of his sinful nature (v. 5-6).

2. David’s CLEANSING (v. 7-10)

A. He asked God to remove his sin (v. 7).

B. He asked God to restore his joy (v. 8-9).

C. He asked God to renew his spirit (v. 10).

3. David’s CONCERN (v. 11-12)

A. He was concerned about God’s presence (v. 11).

B. He was concerned about God’s plan (v. 12).

4. David’s COMMITMENTS (v. 13-15)

A. He was committed to witness (v. 13).

B. He was committed to worship (v. 14-15).

5. David’s CONFIDENCE (v. 16-19)

A. He was confident that God could forgive sin (v. 16-17).

B. He was confident that God could fortify the city (v. 18-19).

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