Summary: Joseph never fails to attract me because of his sincerity, holiness and determination. God would never fail to bless those who are faithful and honest in their work.

Work-place ethics!

Genesis 39:3 “And his master (boss) saw that the Lord was with Joseph and that the Lord made all he did to prosper in his hand.”

Stay tuned to hear a powerful message today. Many of you working in multinational corporate offices around the world are reading my message, allow the Word of God to speak to your conscience today. May be your working under a difficult boss, may be you are pressurized under a heavy project work and some are stuck in dead end jobs with no progress but God can turn that out as a blessing for you one day!

Here in the above text, we read about Joseph who remained faithful in his work and to his boss in the midst of loneliness, betrayal by his brothers and pain. He did not neglect work neither was he nonchalant towards his work but he gave his best output which earned the appreciation of his boss. Hence God …’made all he did to prosper in his hand.’ People who walk in late to office, who take extra tea breaks, long lunch breaks, those of you who are browsing the internet during working hours and also chatting on telephone/internet/whatsup during office hours, hear me out, you are betraying the organization you are working for. You are being paid to work. There are others who criticize and mock their supervisors and gossip behind their back which is repulsive and a disgusting behavior. Talk to God about your problems with your boss and at work, never gossip about them.

Joseph never fails to attract me because of his sincerity, holiness and determination. God would never fail to bless those who are faithful and honest in their work. There is a callous attitude prevalent among youth these days of quitting jobs recklessly and joining new companies, when they are wooed with fat salaries. Some even leave their bosses in the lurch and walk out abruptly in the middle of a huge project. This is absolute betrayal! Many are hotheaded and irresponsible and walk out because of silly misunderstandings and ego hassles. Please listen, many times, difficult situations when endured and tackled with wisdom produces joy and peace. You may be even appreciated for your patience. Remember the challenge is to go through and not sneak away. Sometimes these difficult situations are designed by God Himself to mold us, same goes with people handling their marriages as well. People are smart to pack their baggage and walk out at the drop of a hat. Come on now, grow up! Cowards escape, while conquerors stay and win!

Dear People, ‘good jobs’ are not dropped from the roof top, you need to work your way through to get them. Remember it is God who blesses the work of your hands. Never allow small inconveniences and failure break your determination. Major character molding is done as you pass and endure the heat, some want ready-made, attractive postings, fantastic bosses and adorable working atmosphere. This would make you proud and arrogant, unless you are humble and adjustable, God cannot bless you. While I worked for a multinational bank, I learnt major lessons of ‘humility and patience’ in my life as I stayed true to God and remained in the place that He wanted me to be.

Dear friend, listen to me! If you are not faithful and true to the Organization you are working for, watch out, you will never prosper. There are many who join with false experience certificates, false information, fake educational certificates and so on. Remember there is a ‘curse’ attached when you cheat and lie. YOU CAN NEVER GO SCOT FREE FROM THE EYES OF GOD.

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