Summary: Part 3 in the series pertaining to working together as one body under Christ.


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Pastor James May


(A continuation of teaching concerning the Body of Christ)

By Rev. James May

Whether we move from one local church to another under the direction of the Holy Spirit, or we do so because of our own desires, there is always a time of adjustment and healing that must come. Both those who move and those who stay are affected adversely, regardless of the reasons and circumstances.

Have you ever wondered why it is that the church suffers so much when people move from one local church to another without the leading of God? Have you wondered why there is often so much pain and so much turmoil left in their wake as they walk out the door?


If you have ever been on boat in the water you will see that the boat leaves a wake in the water that can be seen as a trail for some time after the boat has gone. First there are the waves that ripple out from the bow and sides. Then there is a turbulent area where the prop has stirred the waters fiercely to propel the boat forward. It takes time and the effects of nature upon the water to bring it back into a state of calmness. That same effect is felt in the local church whenever a part of the body is removed for the wrong reason.

It’s hard for the church to see people go and leave an empty space in their place. Even when God moves us it is sometimes a hard adjustment to make, but when we move ourselves it is far worse and has a much greater negative impact upon the church.

Let’s take a look at the human body for a moment and see if we can draw some similarities to the condition of the church. Perhaps it will help us to better understand what is happening in the church and why things are the way they are. This is by no means an in-depth study of the workings of the human body. Without medical expertise it would be impossible for me to make such comparisons, so please excuse me for being over simplistic.

The human body has a head that contains the mechanism for thought, control, sight, sound, hearing and giving direction for the rest of the body. The head with the brain and sensory powers and organs that are part of it is like the Lord Jesus Christ to the Body of Christ at the local church. Without the head, the body dies. Without the head there is no vision, we can’t hear from God, we can’t understand God’s Word and the rest of the body just simply dies. The brain is the controlling factor of everything that the body is able to perform.

Just as the body dies without a head, so does the church die spiritually without the Lord as its head. None of us has the intelligence, the direction or the skill to build anything spiritual in nature without the Lord in control. Our best efforts are nothing to him. It is not our hands alone, or our feet alone, or our voice alone that accomplishes his work. We are only effective as he gives us the anointing to work, to walk and to speak for him.

Remember Zechariah’s words, …not by power, not by might, but by his spirit.

The part of the body that connects the body to the head is the neck with its spinal column that contains all of the nerves that bring signals to the entire body to make every part function.

As the blood blows from the Head, down through the body and is pumped through the body by the heart it brings life giving oxygen and carries away the impurities left over through the breath.

In the Body of Christ, the blood of Christ has purchased his church and it is his blood and the Holy Spirit that flows in the church through its various members that bring life and energy.

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