Summary: The problem of sin has already been settle in Christ. If your faith must work out the desired results, you must live with a renewed mind, not a momentarily act during prayer but a daily way of life. You are about to encounter the power of a renewed-mind.

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24)

I love this scriptures; I can't just hold myself, hearing these words welling up in my spirit. God's word should produce unspeakable joy in your heart. You know that "the scriptures cannot be broken"; when you hear it, immediately you should have a knowing in your heart "I got this one, it is working already for me, here and right now".

I love to breakdown the food real good, because that's the only way, we get to absorb the nutrients from it. Chewing it over and over does a lot better than swallowing at once. If we will get all the juice out of the meat, we got to meditate on the Word for the rhema to rise in our spirit.

NOTICE:- "Whatever you ask for in prayer..." (Mark 11:24).

"Whatever" not a specific set of things, No! God does not restrict you, he gives you freedom. Let say, a young man wants to own a multi million corporation but he has nothing at hand, never been to school and was born in a poor family. Well, the environmental circumstances will create a limit in his mind towards what he thinks can be achieved and what is above his reach in life. The case is different with Jesus, he was born in a manger and not in a palace and yet he talks as one who is the king maker.

"Whatever! you ask in prayer..."

Take off the limits from your "asking list" and begin to ask for the impossible and the unthinkable. God is in no way limited like what your mind can't comprehend. You asking the maker of all things and not just some person who cant have it all or do it all. Jesus shows us how to understand this truth, "The FATHER is greater than all": I am already dancing right now. Oh! my God. (speaking in tongues).

I can ask "whatever"; even though the doctor calls it "terminal and incurable"; Jesus says "whatever you ask in prayer". I begin to live by the bounds of "whatever" and not a medical report. What if the kidney is damaged and the liver has holes in it. The medical world has declared their limitation by saying to you "you have 5 months to live". Our response as believers will be (laughing..... and stamping foot on the floor) "Jesus never placed a limit to what we can ask and receive. therefore "whatever you ask in prayer" You can ask for a brand new kidney, a brand new liver.

Come'on friends, doubt supported by fear are not good colleagues for you; drop the darkness away and leap into the world of unlimited possibilities. The enemy has no grip over the out comes of your life. All that concerns you, has already been done in Christ. The wicked one is just playing on your doubts and as well on his doubts; because he no control over the outcome.

When you ask the "whatever" then go ahead and swim into rest and the peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart. Don't come back asking "what if the whatever"; No! simply remain in the Word "...believe that you have received it...".

The staying power in the Word is the creating power of faith. You refuse to change your confession and keep the demeanor of a receiver on your face. When those lying spirits of doubts start creeping into your gates, you mount up a garrison with all diligence. Defend your production zone; that's where the framing is all done, right there in your heart.

"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life" (Proverbs 4:23)

The time between "Whatever you ask in prayer..." and " shall be yours...". is dependent on what "...determines the course of your life." Get your products protected from the invaders in your heart.

I hear some people say "I asked the 'whatever' but i got the 'somewhat'" (laughing..... Oh! my God) Well I would reply "what would you get when you allow molds into your recipes"; definitely the meal won't turn out as you expected.

To 'believe that you have received" is simply the act of "guarding your heart".

The sin problem is already settled; it is no longer an issue. Refuse the enemy the advantage that was already given to you in Christ. "you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus" and not the "one seeking to gain righteousness". Therefore you rise with confidence and say " I am of God and his righteousness is at work in me".

When the enemy shows up and begin to say "you won't get the answer because you are not righteous"; your response should be "Satan, have you forgotten that it written ' and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD." (Isaiah 54:17). It is not of me but of him; so therefore stop putting the blame on me.

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