Summary: Good for this time of continuing war...Eye-opening scriptures to help lay people understand why war is sometimes necessary, and sometimes even recommended by God. Link included to Formatted Text and Powerpoint.

World War Won!

Prov. 14:34

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

We take our freedom for granted. Here we sit today, praying, singing, fellowshipping, worshipping God together, reading His Word…w/out fear of reprisal, intimidation, persecution, and w/ no restriction from the government, whatsoever. It is a blessing we very much take for granted.

We came to this country, not for freedom of speech, but freedom of religion! (Article 1).

First and foremost, we came here for freedom of religion, and for that reason it tops the list of amendments, and is intertwined thruout our constitution.

Ill.—people in China, N. Korea, Sudan, several Palestinian countries, etc., risk their life in attending underground churches.

War is a regrettable thing…although necessary…no one in their right mind likes war, and nobody wants to go to war. War is not glamorous/romantic, though Hollywood often tries to portray it as such. War is a terrible thing, a regrettable thing…but, there are some things that are worse than war…

As the global war on terrorism continues, and many call for us to pull out and give up, let’s answer this very important question:

How should believers look upon war?

What should be our attitude toward our nation continuing this war?

Where are we going to get our answers about war?

Well, we won’t get right answers from the bleeding heart liberals who are afraid of going to war/Warmongers like UBL and Al Qaeda…who desire war.

The right answers about war are found only in the Word of God. There are believers today who say that war is ALWAYS wrong. “Christians are to be peacemakers” they say. (love everybody/turn the other cheek)

In every war in our history, from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, there have been people who would not go, and would not support the effort, calling themselves “conscientious objectors”. And then they try to use the Bible as their defense. They do not understand 2 important things:

1. What the Bible really does teach about war

2. The nature of human nature

Back in the 70’s the hippies said, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a war and nobody showed up! Well, someone will always show up, and you may not like it, because they are there to take away your freedom!

During Vietnam they burned the flag and protested saying, “make love, not war”. The hippies were not the brightest crayons in the box. For if they had just thought about it, they’d realize that many people died in WW II, just so they could have their silly little demonstrations/protests…and they’d realize that when they burn that flag it is a gross and senseless act for any American to take part in! You can stand at the Lincoln Memorial and preach and protest…that’s your right, but if you begin to paint that monumental symbol, you’ll be arrested. So why couldn’t the Senate approve the flag burning ban this week…when the flag is the main symbol of who we are? It’s no longer speech, it’s an action you are taking when you burn it!

If everyone in WW II had believed the way the hippies believed, they wouldn’t have been going around saying, “Peace, love and flowers”…they would have said, “Hile Hitler!” as slaves to his Nazi regime!

It is foolish and wicked to desire war, but it’s foolish and naïve to think that war is always avoidable. For there are wicked people in this world that will kill, steal, and destroy w/out blinking an eye…that’s the human nature, the sin nature, unleashed!

Please don’t get the idea that the more advanced man becomes technologically, that the more educated we become/civilized we become, that we become more mellow and kind…that is not what the Bible teaches…rather, that’s humanism: “man’s getting better and better.”

Jesus said in Mt. 24 that in the last days there shall be wars and rumors of wars, and kingdom shall rise against kingdom, and nation against nation, not that things would get more and more peaceful! (rumors of wars=threats, terrorists)

II Tim. 3:13

13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Jesus is the One Who will end all wars. He is the One Who will be able to proclaim, “World War Won!” But there will be no peace on earth, until the Prince of Peace arrives! But until that day arrives, this is a fallen world, for we all have a fallen nature…and there will be war!

Is it ever right Biblically for a nation to go to war? And should a believer participate? The clear answer to both questions is yes!

There are times when the Lord actually encourages, and even commands nations to go to war. “fight the good fight…”

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Rennon Elliott

commented on Sep 24, 2006

wow! great sermon this one makes you feel good if you are christian, and makes those who are not that they should be.

Butch Payne

commented on May 24, 2014

wonderful message in 06 and still wonderful in 14. Keep it up Jerry

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