Summary: An Expository Message From Psalm 100 On The Characteristics Of The Worship That Is A Delight To God. The Worship That God Wants. Part 2 of 2

Psalm 100: Worship That God Wants Part 2

Pastor Larry Sarver

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Illustration: As a pastor I often receive through the mail much information on the subject of worship. Usually this information consist of polls and surveys about worship. Such things as were the people satisfied with their worship, did they experience God presence, what would they do to improve the worship, etc. Many of the book offers on worship are on the subject of improving your worship and what they mean by that is having a worship time that people will respond to a like better. The concern I have is that the central focus of the books in the poles and the surveys is what do the people want. I think that the central and most important question we can ask if our we giving God the worship that he wants?

Last week as we began to look at this Psalm I asked the question: "our we giving God the worship that he wants?" All read bringing him the gift or the offering that he desires? To enter that question we have to do the qualities or the characteristics of the worship that God wants. In this Psalm will find three qualities or characteristics of the worship that God wants. We look at one last week in tonight will look at the other two characteristics of the worship that God wants.

As a review I would remind you of how important worship is to God. Last week we noted in a brief summary of several Bible accounts how important worship was to God. We noted the stories obtaining able-1 whose worship was rejected, and one whose worship was excepted. When the did the stories of May debt and Avenue-the sons of Aaron, who were stuck dead because of improper worship. We also noted the Old Testament book of Malachi which was addressed to those who were giving halfhearted and unacceptable worship. They were under occurs because of a wrong attitude in their worship of God. Knowing and giving God the worship that he wants it very, very important. We also noted last week that we can worship God in many ways but the primary emphasis of this Psalm and the rest of Scripture is owned verbal worship. This is the kind of worship that we bring to him when we gathered together in Psalm and the kind of worship we should be bringing to him when we come to him in prayer. What is the worship that God wants?

I. Worship that God wants is joyful.

We Saul this in verses 1 and two which tell us to "shout for joy", "worship was gladness", into saying "joyful songs." Our attitude in our hearts are to be filled with joyful celebration and expression when we come into his presence to worship him. It does not matter our current circumstances, our personality type, or our particular tradition. The Bible says that we all are to come to him with joy in our worship. We will see later that God command is to be joyful with good reason. Surely if Paul and silence could saying in the dungeon week as saying joyfully also. Let’s make sure we’re giving God the worship that he wants.

I. Worship that God wants is joyful.

Now let’s read verse 4 to see The second characteristic of the worship that God wants.

I. I. Worship that God wants is thankful.

It is very easy to see that verse 4 it similar to verse 1 with its emphasis on a right attitude during worship. Now the emphasis switches from joy to gratitude. We see this emphasis on joy in our worship at the beginning of this Psalm where the subscription says "a Psalm for giving thanks." We also see this emphasis in verse for where it says, "enter with Thanksgiving", and "give thanks to him."In Old Testament times the worshippers would come to the temple which had gates and courtyards which is where the symbolism of verse four comes from. They were instructed to enter those gates and to enter those courtyards with words or songs of thanksgiving, expressions of great gratitude. The lesson for us is that the foremost thought on our minds when we gather together or when we come before the Lord in prayer should be on giving him thanks. Our first priority should not be on: making petition, learning some life lesson in the message, or enjoying each other’s fellowship. Our focus needs to be on coming into his presence in a way that is pleasing to him, which means coming to him with the joyful and thankful hearts. Worship that God wants is joyful. Worship that God wants is thankful.

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