Summary: We need to have a eternal perspective on life, and it’s the very key to worshipping God in every moment of your daily life

Worship: The Eternal Perspective

Colossians 3:1-2


Paul Azinger was at the top of his profession, and that profession was a pretty desirable one: PGA golfer. But at the age of thirty three, he faced his greatest crisis. He was diagnosed with cancer. I know a lot of us here today can relate to how he must have been feeling. One day life is calm and fruitful and then the next it is simply terrifying.

Azinger had just won a PGA championship and held the championship trophies from ten PGA tournaments. Why now? Why this? Was his response to this new news in his life.

Azinger had a close friend named Larry Moody, who was leading a Bible study for golfers on the tour. Moody had made a statement that completely changed Azinger’s paradigm of life and death. He had said, “Zinger, we’re not in the land of the living and healing for the land of the dying. We’re in the land of the dying trying to get to the land of the living.”

Paul Azinger had never thought of it that way. Not even close, Moody’s statement caused him to rethink his entire approach to life as he submitted to chemotherapy, worked through his recovery, and eventually returned to the PGA tour. Soon he was playing golf again, just as he had before. But his perspective was no longer a temporal one.

Most of use live under the enduring illusion that this earth, so filled with pain, is the land of the living. We know it’s not much, but it’s home after all. On the other hand, we don’t know about that next world. It’s cloaked in mystery.

But we should know. We devote our lives to studying God’s Word, worshipping Him, and anticipating eternity in His presence. This life is only a brief prelude, a puny grain of sand compared to the vast, infinite seashore of eternity. It’s important how we live today, but why should we fear the final, glorious culmination of which this life only hints?

We need to have a eternal perspective on life, and it’s the very key to worshipping God in every moment of your daily life. And you may be asking yourself, well just how can I go about doing that. Well, I am glad to ask. This morning we are going to look at how we can make it happen.


I. Set your Eyes on Eternity

a. Paul tells us to set our minds on eternal things, not earthly ones.

i. After all, he says, we have been raised with Christ.

ii. Our spirit dwells with Him in the heavenly places; why should we become comfortable in the gutter?

iii. In this passage Paul refers to Christ’s sitting at the right hand of the Father.

iv. That, he says, is what we are to set our minds upon.

v. Again, the idea is for us to kneel before the eternal throne, just as John did, when God allowed him to see Heaven in the book of Revelation.

b. All of this sounds high minded and pious, but how do we break it down to practical human terms?

i. We still have jobs to attend to, children to feed, spouses to please, and homes to maintain.

ii. We live in a real world with real problems.

c. That’s precisely why we must learn to worship as an everyday lifestyle.

i. Even if we took part in wonderful, powerful worship once a week from a church pew, it wouldn’t be enough.

ii. The spirit of God accompanies us everywhere we go, and we can worship Him in the very midst of daily life.

iii. The list I’m going to offer you here is a very practical one, but not an exhaustive one.

iv. There are ideas to jump start your praise life, and I recommend that you select a few and put them to immediate use

1. Praise God through Music

a. I mentioned just last week how much I depend on godly music of worship and praise.

b. Let me recommend that you find a cassette tape or CD that really seems to touch you and to take you into God’s presence – then stick with that one for at least a week.

c. There’s plenty of good praise music out there, but my suggestion is for you to choose one recording of songs and really spend some time with it, digging deeply into the words and praising God through them.

d. After awhile, you’ll know those words and you’ll be able to sing along even when you’re away from your stereo.

e. This is wonderful for commuting in traffic.

f. Wouldn’t you like to see what rush hour would be like I everyone were praising God as they drove?

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