Summary: The title and idea comes from other contributors to this website. What does a mother really do? She prays persistently to move the Hand that made the world.

Worthy to be called Mother (Outline)

Matthew 15:21-28 Mark 7:24-30

She is worthy of the title MOTHER, she cares so much for her daughter she was willing to go to great lengths to have her daughter healed. She must have heard of Jesus, she is a Gentile, yet she calls Jesus by a Jewish title. Son of David is a Messianic title, the reference obviously for the Messiah. She recognized this power, this calling in Jesus. Her calling Jesus "Son of David" shows some recognition of Jesus as the Messiah who would heal the people. Her daughter needed this miracle worker, this healer and she was going to get him for her.

What does she do?

1. She goes to the right person

a. Maybe she had heard how demons flee at his command

b. She recognized that her daughter was in a spiritual battle

i. What might be passed off as demon possessed today?

1. Linda Blair in the Exorcists is an extreme

2. Drug abuse?

3. Alcohol abuse?

ii. Anywhere the Devil can get a foothold is possession

iii. Everyone involved needs deliverance.

2. She realizes Jesus has the power and will not stop until she gets what she came for.

a. How often should we pray for something or someone

b. The parable of the Judge and the widow

c. Paul says Pray without ceasing

d. Prayer moves the Hand that made the world.

e. Mothers, never stop praying for your children, grandchildren, or family.

Something we do not always see here is this, Jesus has healed Gentiles before, but always in Jewish territory. Here this Gentile woman approaches Him in Gentile area. Both Luke 10 and Matthew 11 hold the testimony that if the teachings and miracles that had happened in Jerusalem had happened in Tyre and Sidon they would have repented. This was a condemnation of Jerusalem where most of Jesus’ miracles had occurred.

3. She was persistent

a. The disciples said send her away.

b. She yells louder

c. What did she yell?

I was sent for the Lost sheep of Israel is Jesus’ response.

4. The woman persisted rightly

a. She humbled herself before him

b. She pleaded as only a mother can.

c. She does not even argue when she is called a dog.

She recognizes and agrees with the analogy between Jew and Gentile. Let the children eat first.

5. She shows further humility by her request for the crumbs.

a. Crumbs or table droppings?

b. Watch where the family dog sits when people eat.

c. Even a dog is satisfied to get the leftovers, the droppings, the crumbs.

6. Her faith and her persistence was rewarded.

a. She went home and found her daughter in bed healed (Mark 7:30)

b. Jesus showed his power over distance.

c. She showed us the faith of a mother.

God hears prayers. He is moved by the prayers of his children. Children learn to pray from their mothers.

The best Mother’s day gift you can give your Mom is being the answer to her prayers, come to Christ and receive your deliverance.

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