Summary: Christian Get Serious About Your Walk With God, Because The World Is Depending Upon It!

John 15:22-If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.

When it comes to seeing a miracle or miracles from God, or hearing about God’s wonderful mercy, or hearing about God’s amazing love, it would have been better for you never to have seen that, never to have heard that, if all your going to do is reject it!

Let me say that again!!

It been better if you'd never seen it!

It had been better if you'd never witnessed it!

It been better if you'd never heard about it!

If you seen God's mighty hand and you’ve seen what He can do in somebody’s life!

And you rejected Him, and you turned your back on Him!

And you walked away from Him, you're going to commit the unforgivable sin!!

The one and only unforgivable sin, the one that God will not and can not forget!!

The same God that has the power to raise the dead, to make the lame to walk, to make the blind to see, and has that kind of power, but He will not use that power to make you choose Him!

It'd be better if you didn't see a miracle and it sure would be better if you didn't even ask for a miracle, if you're not going to follow the one who gave it!!

When it comes to hearing a sermon after sermon, Sunday after Sunday, and not taking God’s word seriously, not applying God’s word to your life, it would have been better if you would have stayed at home, because you are just pilling up more unconfessed sin to your life!!

I just talked about what happens to a person that rejects God, after all they have seen and heard, they commit the unpardonable sin!!

But what about us, us who know better, us who have been enlightened, us who not only realized What God has done for us, but have given our to Him!

What punishment lays await for us, us who have trampled on the grace of God?

“Well, Bro. Jimmy, we are going to heaven and there isn’t any judgment there!”

I’m not talking about there, I’m talking about the here and now!

If not serious about God and the things of God, if your complacent, if you are just straddling the fence, if your just lukewarm!!

Trust me you don’t have to go to a place called hell, God, can allow you, yes, you can experience a little private hell right here on earth!!

Where your world crumbles in on you!

Where things seem to be hitting you all at once!!

Where there seems to be no rhyme or reason!

And either that hell, will spark a burning desire inside of you to follow God closer or (If your stubborn and won’t repent) it will destroy you, it will consume you!! (In other words, the hell your going thru, will take all of your focus, all of your time, all of your resources, to endure it)

This Is A Warning From God!!

This Is A Wake Up Call For The Believer!!

Trust me, God would much rather put you thru hell on earth, than hell eternal!!

Wake Up, Time Is Short! Now Is Time To Make A Difference! Now Is Time To Gird Up Our Loins, To Make A Stand!

Christian Get Serious About Your Walk With God, Because The World Is Depending Upon It!

Your Lost Love Ones Are Depending On It!

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