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Reading: Genesis chapter 32 verses 22-32.


• James Whistler, the Victorian artist,

• Showed scant respect for the hierarchy of any profession.

• When his poodle fell ill with a throat infection,

• The artist sent immediately for the country’s leading ear, nose, and throat specialist,

• When Sir Morell Mackenzie arrived at his house;

• He was not amused when he saw that his patient was a poodle.

• But as a good doctor;

• He conducted a thorough examination, wrote out a prescription, and left with his fee.

• The next day Sir Morell Mackenzie sent the artist James Whistler a message;

• In it he asked him to call on him without delay.

• Fearing some development in the poodle’s condition,

• James Whistler hurried to the doctor’s house.

• “So good of you to come, Mr. Whistler,” said Mackenzie as his visitor was shown in.

• “I wanted to see you about having my front door painted.”

• Well Sir Morell Mackenzie got his revenge;

• And made his point effectively!

Now in Genesis 32 the main character is Jacob:

• He is worried that his brother Esau is about to take revenge on him:

• Esau his brother was a fighter and a killer and Jacob was scared to death of him

• Last week you would have noted how;

• Jacob prayed the right kind of prayer (verses 9-12);

• But Jacob is a classic case of actions speaking louder than words!

• Instead of depending on God, Jacob immediately implements his own plan:


A missionary in the Philippines was driving him in a large flat back truck;

• He saw a local farmer who he knew walking with a really heavy load tied to his back;

• The load was obviously heavy and weighing him down;

• The missionary stopped and told the farmer to jump on board the truck;

• The man did and off they went.

• After a while the missionary looked in his mirror and noticed that the farmer;

• Had still not taken the load of his back.

• Despite his new circumstances;

• The farmer was still carrying the same old load.

• How like Jacob who prayed to God about his burden (his situation);

• And yet continued to carry it (try to sort it) himself.


• We ought not to be surprised by Jacob’s self-sufficiency;

• Because this is the pattern of his whole life:

• Jacob’s philosophy in life was: “God helps those who help themselves!”

• Not only is that outlook foolish, it is truly unbiblical!

• Jacob tended to rely upon his own abilities, rather than trusting in God.

• His life is one illustration after another of self-sufficiency!

(a). Remember back in chapter 27:

• Jacob was promised the status of the firstborn son,

• But instead of waiting on God, he sought to obtain this blessing through deceit.

(b). Back in chapter 30: 37-43:

• Jacob was promised material provision for his life,

• But instead of trusting God, he tried to obtain it through manipulation.

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