Summary: 1. Most of the time Lot is mentioned in the Bible, he is mentioned in the context of self induced problems. 2. Many of Lot’s troubles could have been avoided, by making better decisions based upon the Lord’s will.

Wrong Move

INTRODUCTION: Genesis 13:8-13

A. Lot is mentioned by name 29 times in the Genesis record

1. In the context of Abraham’s family six times.

2. Once in the context of strife.

3. Three times in the context of choosing the best land according to its appearance, and his separation from Abram

4. Once in the context of separation from Abram alone.

5. Once when he was captured by evil kings.

6. Once when he was rescued by Abram.

7. Once when he was doing business at the gate of Sodom.

8. Twice when he was targeted as a victim by the men of Sodom.

9. Once when he was protecting his angelic visitors, and five times when the angels were protecting him.

10.Once when he seems as one mocking to his family.

11.Once when he was pleading for Zoar to be spared.

12.And once when he is mentioned in the context of incest.

B. Peter mentioned Lot by name and called him a righteous man _ 2 Peter 2:7-8

C. Serving God is not a blank check for a life free of trials

1. Most of the time Lot is mentioned in the Bible, he is mentioned in the context of self induced problems.

2. Many of Lot’s troubles could have been avoided, by making better decisions based upon the Lord’s will.

D. In this lesson consideration will be given to Lot’s choice to pitch his tent toward Sodom; consequences of that decision; and, how to avoid similar pitfalls in life


A. Lot Chose To Pitch His Tent Toward Sodom

1. In Genesis, Moses introduces Lot as a member of Abram’s family

a. He was the nephew of Abraham who sojourned with him (Gen. 12:15; 13:1).

b. Lot, like Abram, became a wealthy man (Gen. 13:2-5)

1) Because of the strife gendered from their temporal blessings, Abraham and Lot chose to separate (Gen. 13:6-9).

2) It is interesting to note that when Abram sought a bride for Isaac, he did not seek a wife from Lot’s household.

3. Given the opportunity to choose where he could go, Lot made his choice based on appearance _ Genesis 13:10-12

4. Making judgments and decisions based upon outward appearances can be dangerous.

a. First appearances are often misleading

b. Decisions about life are best made when they are based on a knowledge of God’s will _ James 4:13-16

c. The Lord’s word is the perfect guide through life _ 2 Timothy 3:16-17

d. To the Jews who falsely accused the Lord, Jesus said _ John 8:24

3. Do Christians pitch their tents toward Sodom when:

a. Decisions about where to live and work are based upon how much money can be made in that location?

b. Decisions about entertainment are based upon what everyone else does and enjoys?

c. Decisions about fashion are based upon what is socially acceptable.

d. Children are allowed to make their own religious choices without any parental direction?

B. Consequences of Lot’s Decision to Pitch His Tent Toward Sodom

1. The law of gravity teaches men that what goes up must come down.

a. Man is not smart enough to out-smart the law of gravity.

b. God’s law of sowing and reaping is unalterable _ Galatians 6:7-8

d. No man is able to out-smart God’s law of sowing and reaping

2. One morning Lot awoke from a drunken stupor in a cave

a. The last two of his daughters were with child by him

b. Lot’s wife was a pillar of salt in the valley below

c. All of Lot’s earthly wealth and the rest of his children, lay buried in the ashes of fire and brimstone

d. Lot had suffered through war (Gen. 14:11), being carried away captive (Gen. 14:12), and torment by the citizens of Sodom (2 Pet. 2:7-8; Gen. 19:1-11)

e. All of this began to be set in motion the day Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom.

1) But Sodom looked so good and Lot’s decision appeared to be so very wise.

2) Maybe Lot thought that his righteousness would be the key to enjoying the best of two worlds

3) Beloved, all these things happened despite the fact that Lot was a righteous man (2 Pet. 2:7-8)

4) Men will reap what they have sown.

3. During the years I have preached the gospel, many have expressed to me their regret for decisions they have made

4. No one can outsmart God’s law of sowing and reaping

C. How Can Similar Pitfalls In Life Be Avoided?

1. First of all one must begin by accepting whatever station he is at in life.

a. Mistakes of the past need to be left in the past _ Philippians 3:13-14

b. When one takes care of his part with God, he should then trust God’s provision of forgiveness.

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