Summary: To focus on the Sovereignty of God in matters of He making the making the authorities look favorably on His chosen ones


Who has not come across this old saying …Rule 1.Your boss is always right. Rule 2. If you think the boss is wrong refer to rule 1. TAKE HEART THERE IS A BIG BOSS OVER ALL THE BOSSES. Of several Hebrew names for God, the word ADONAI (Isaiah 6:1) used to describe the Almighty on His Sovereign throne has through the ages brought comfort to the confused, solace to the distraught and reassurance to many with creased foreheads. The somber setting- King Uzziah, who by and large was a good King offering security and prosperity had died-to the vision of Prophet Isaiah is good enough reason for the Almighty to remind the worried Prophet (about the future of the Judean Kingdom) that good Kings may come and go but the King of Kings shall ALWAYS reign from His throne providing for His needy ones’ at all times.

Not only the King of Kings rules over all, He also influences’ the authorities, He has placed over His loved ones’ to look upon the latter favorably. There are four distinct instances’ in the Scripture (there may be more), when this trait of the Adonai God comes to the fore. Let’s focus upon them in chronological order…by the way, have you ever thanked God for the bosses He in His sovereign wisdom has placed over you in your place of employment?


A young, devout Hebrew slave falsely accused of having tried to rape his master’s licentious wife is being cruelly pushed into the Egyptian prison and lo and behold iron fetters and an iron collar are immediately and firmly clasped around his feet and neck respectively. Boy, the young boy could hardly move, worse breathe! The Jailer would have this young “pervert” have it (Genesis 39:20/Psalm 105:18)!

Fast forward by just a few verses… now the same Jailer treats the same young convict as a venerated saint. From an Iron collar retribution to cotton wool preservation!!! Can you believe it? It gets more curious…the same youth is given charge of all the Jail responsibilities. Straight from Ripley’s Book of believe it or not? NAY!

Welcome to the righteous Joseph’s story. The young man who had remained true to God fleeing the fleeting pleasures of lust (Genesis 39). Welcome once again to the Biblical rags to riches story in the Bible which underscores God’s faithfulness in the lives of His faithful ones’. What exactly resulted in a U-turn in the Prison warden’s disposition? Let the Scripture take over… But the LORD was with Joseph in the prison and showed him his faithful love. And the LORD made Joseph a favorite with the prison warden. (Genesis 39:21)

That Joseph goes on to become Prime Minister of Egypt is yet another story but suffice it to say the Lord can move the heart of our bosses’ and make them look upon us favourably. Hey, He controls the strings!!!

For more on Joseph’s life, you may access my PPT on the Book of Genesis by clicking on the following link… (slide nos…100-117 to be more precise).


The Babylonian Emperor King Nebuchadnezzar –Obama’s equivalent of that age in terms of being the Head of a World Superpower- was a kind-hearted man in the sense, he intended to give a fresh lease of life to all the young Royal captives in his realm, by training and employing them in his administrative service (Daniel 1:3-5). It is another matter that he had ruthlessly annexed their Kingdoms to his burgeoning Empire.

Now the four bright young Jewish captives with a blue blood selected for BAS (read Babylonian administrative Service) training have a problem with Babylonian biryani! Not with its taste, per se but they nurse serious reservations as regards its ingredients (in the permitted or prohibited list-Leviticus 11) mode of preparation (was the blood of the meat drained –Deu 12:16), whether offered to idols et al.

Intending to be more faithful in IAS (read In Almighty’s service) than in anything else, they prefer to swap Babylonian royal fare with healthy kosher vegetarian diet and thus make their wishes known to the Master Chef through their “ring leader…Daniel”. The Chef, of course under strict Royal orders to “give nothing less than the best to the best” (I reiterate these trainees were selected from a pool of captives with Royal lineage) was well aware of the implications of these four Jewish youth turning up undernourished and unhealthy before the Emperor. Truth to tell, Chef’s head would go chop, chop…But consider this moving Scripture portion… Now God had given the chief of staff both respect and affection for Daniel. The result? Daniel and his friends-with no constitutional fundamental rights whatsoever in that age and time- have their way (Daniel 1:8-16)!!!

Of blue-blood or not, buddy do you wanna be a blue-eyed boy of your boss! First curry the favor of the Boss of all bosses and rest as they say would be history. Take care never become history but be a maker of history, wherever you are…

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