Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We may think We have seen it all, but we Ain’t seeen nothing yet. I t may look like the devil is winning, but God is just getting wound up The best is yet to come.

“You Ain’t seen nothing Yet!! Joel 2:23, Hag 2:9.


Everything about God is progressive. He is always moving forward, He is always building, He is always outdoing Himself.

Jesus’ Miracle ministry starts with something seemingly insignificant . It was not a life or death situation. , it quickly progressed to blind eyes being opened making the Lame to walk, casting out devils, feeding the multitudes…..

Hag 2:9.

1. Jesus did not know the Word impossible (Mat 19:26,Mark 9:23.

We look and we see impossible conditions, darkness, confusion, Hopelessness, Perversion, corruption, (Impossible).

Jesus looks and He sees a perfect opportunity for a miracle, a perfect backdrop for a display of His Glory. Many times what looks like a breakdown, is just a set up for a breakthrough. No Wine at the Wedding: Embarrassing, the reputation of the groom was at stake. The people wanted wine. ( There was no more wine in their cups, or in the kitchen. *Need* Desire An Embarrassing situation.

Then Jesus Takes The Case.

(ILL: Our church Roof).

2. Then there was the case with Jarvis’s Daughter( Mk 5:23)

He was the ruler of the synagogue, whose little girl was at the point of death. Jesus head to Jarvis’s home to heal her. A messenger interrupts them trouble the master no longer your daughter is dead. Now the stage is set:

Guilt: why didn’t I come sooner, why did I let my pride stand in the way, I should have listened to my wife.

Grief: My baby girl is dead, only 12 years old.

Anger: We might have made it if that woman hadn’t stopped Jesus, now she’s healed and my daughter is dead. He was my last hope. I heard how he turned the water into wine, and healed the nobleman’s son and delivered the demoniac, but my daughter is not sick, nor demonized, she is dead.

( Then Jesus’ words penetrate his thoughts Fear Not Only Believe: The house if filled with Mourning, weeping, wailing, death Is hanging in the air.

Man sees darkness, hopelessness, grief, sorrow, pain. Jesus sees the perfect backdrop for a manifestation of the Glory of God( Little girl, I say unto thee arise…….

What a mighty mighty God.

ILL Man in Reinhardt’s Bonke’s meeting.

We have seen Him turn water into wine, feed multitudes, give sight to the blind walk on water ,cast out devils, raise the dead. Surely we have seen Him at His best, surely we have seen the greatest manifestation of His power and glory.

No He’s bigger than that, The best is yet to come!!!

You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!

One day news came to Jesus: He whom thou lovest is sick. Upon His arrival Lazarus had been dead 4 days( not seconds, not minutes, not hours days. The stone had been rolled in front of the tomb.

The stone speaks of finality, the end, it’s over, it’s beyond help, the condition is incurable, the problem can’t be reversed.

If you would have come earlier, you could have healed Him, we believe you could have kept him from dying, but now it’s over.

Isn’t it amazing how we limit God. You can do this but not that, you have the power to stop something from happening, but you can’t turn it around.

My friend that’s where we are wrong, this whole book is all about turn around.

Your TOO late:

Jesus says take away the stone( Lazarus come forth) loose him and let him go.

Today we are seeing a society that is out of control.

The USA and Canada are no longer Christian nations. Everyday we are hearing of how God is being rejected and removed from our schools.

And even our holidays.

Christmas seems to be a time for parades, and celebrations but most times Christ is left out of the picture.

Easter is a time for Easter egg hunts, and rabbits, and dinners and parties, But what about the Christ of Calvary.

The devils day(Helloween) get more publicity, then does resurrection day.)

We are seeing the Spirit of perversion,, Worldliness, and corruption sneaking into our churches, filling our pews and yes, even our pulpits. Teaching and preaching a perverted self serving Gospel, leading people into lust covetousness and greed.

Jeremiah speaks of a similar time in Hebrews history ( Jer 5:31.)

Here is another scripture that clearly defines the spirit of this generation

( Isa 5:20).

We look around and see, and hear what’s happening in the world and we can asses how bad it is and we can get depressed and go into hiding and cover our heads and say it’s hopeless, it’s perverse, it’s corrupt and wicked.

Or we can look at the Word Of God and see that Our best days are ahead of Us( We ain’t seen nothing yet”) God is just getting wound up.

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