Summary: Because God is sovereign and omnipotent you are never alone

Psalm 139


I. You are Known

a. Vs 1-6

b. How well does God know you (omniscience)

i. He knows all your activity

ii. He knows your every thought

iii. He knows your plans, path and direction

iv. He knows your personality- Intimately acquainted

v. He knows what your about to say

c. Know one knows you like Jesus does!

i. Your not a number

ii. Your not even just a name and a face

d. David was so blown away with how well God knew him that he said it was too much for him to comprehend

e. Implications

i. If God knows not just my actions but even my thoughts is there anything I can do that he won’t find out about? No!

ii. He knows how I really feel. Scared, doubting, depressed, etc even when we put on for everyone else.

iii. He loves us anyway

II. You cannot run

a. Vs. 7-10

b. David begins to contemplate the omnipresence of God

i. God is always present

ii. You can’t get away from him

c. From the heights of heaven to the lowest parts of the Abyss you are there

d. I can go east or west and your still there

e. David knew what it was like to try and run from God

i. Committed terrible sin- took another mans wife and had him killed

1. He wanted to run from God’s judgement and presence

2. He felt unworthy to even look to God

3. Yet he could not get away from the presence of God

f. Jonah also tried to run from God

i. Told to go to Ninevah and preach to some wicked people

ii. Decided to run from God and go the other way

iii. God found him, shipwrecked him and had a fish swallow him

g. Peter tried running from God after his failure

i. Denied Jesus three times

ii. Decided to return to his old life

iii. Jesus was there and met him on the shore

h. You cannot run from God

i. If sin is making you try to avoid him then repent and return

ii. If he is calling you to follow him then repent and turn to him

iii. If he is calling you to serve and your scared, turn to him not from Him

iv. Ill.- seminary guys in their 40’s who ran from God

III. You can hide

a. You can hide your life in Him

b. You don’t have to figure it all out

i. His hand will lead you

c. You don’t have to be strong and have all the answers and have it all together

i. His hand will hold on to you

ii. Jesus has a strong grip on your life

1. A grip that none can removed

2. Not a grip to crush us

3. A grip to protect us

4. A grip to comfort us

5. Ill.- little kid in big crowds. Hold Dad’s hand

d. Don’t turn away but turn to the one who loves you and knows you intimately

Iv. The response: 23-24

1. A cry for honesty with God

2. David had a desire to be right with God

3. The only whose thoughts he cared about were God’s

4. A declaration of surrender- lead me

Would you be so honest today?

Have you been running from God? Sin or selfishness kept you from him

Have you been running from His call on your life?

You are not alone. You have a God, a father, whose love never fails and whose presence is always there.

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